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How to Man Cave a Garage

How to Man Cave a Garage It isn’t often that I use man cave as a verb, but in today’s case, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The act of ‘man caving’ is either living it up in the cave or converting a space into a man cave. We’re doing the latter today, specifically […]

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What Every Man Cave Needs

What Every Man Cave Needs So, want to know what every man cave needs to work the best? Want to know how to make them as relaxing and useful as possible? Of course you do. Why else would you be reading this? The definition of a man cave is pretty simple (and I even go over […]

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How to Make a Man Cave Bar

How to Make a Man Cave Bar Have you ever wanted to make your own bar? Do you already have a man cave, or have a place picked out for one? Well, you’re in luck! Man caves are excellent excuses to make bars, since they provide ample opportunity to use them. I even did a piece […]

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What Does Man Cave Mean?

What Does Man Cave Mean? The first time you heard the phrase ‘man cave,’ you probably thought of some weird prehistoric cave man set up. Or, perhaps instead, you thought of a cave in the wilds where men are likely to hang out. Either of those answers is a little outlandish…but also not far from […]

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Man Caves and Women

Man Caves and Women Man caves and women are quite a contentious topic. Despite the whole equality thing going on, where men and women are expected to cohabitate, man caves are also increasingly popular. Sometimes men just need a little space of their own to relax their soul. This is so important that I even mention […]

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How to Decorate a Man Cave

How to Decorate a Man Cave Now that you have your man cave set up, you might find it to be missing a few crucial assets. While the furniture fills all your requirements and you put up some basic themed decorations, it just feels a little…lacking. If you went through all the motions to make […]

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Man Cave with a Fish Tank

Man Cave with a Fish Tank Adding a little bit of life to the man cave keeps the room fresh in more ways than one. The white noise of a fish tank helps you calm down. If you add in some real plants, it keeps the air fresher than an air purifier could. It gives […]

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How to Make a Man Cave Sign

How to Make a Man Cave Sign Signs show everyone who reads them the terms of the land, so to speak. They set some basic rules. Road signs tell you the speed limit. Street signs tell you what to call that street and whether you should be there or not as you navigate. Restaurant signs […]

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Man Cave Stuff

Man Cave Stuff With your man cave built, the flooring installed, the walls up to snuff, and the lighting fixtures in place…what next? Your man cave lacks some oomph, and today, I want to help you fill in all the missing spots in your cave! Of course, this starts by seeking out man cave stuff […]

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The Best Man Cave Refrigerator and Beverage Cooler for your Man Cave!

You’re finally home from a tough day at work. You sit down in your recliner, a little worse for wear, but ready to relax. The man cave boasts a full-fledged entertainment system, state-of-the-art lighting and surround sound, a pool table, decor galore, a bookshelf of your favorite reads, and…yet…something is missing. As you ponder what […]

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