Benefits of a Man Cave - Make the Most of Your Cave

September 19, 2019
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on March 23rd, 2020)

Benefits of a Man Cave

Are you trying to convince your spouse to let you have a man cave? Are you a spouse, wondering what the big deal is? Perhaps you already own a man cave, and you need to know its full potential. Whatever the case, the benefits of a man cave are endless, and I’m glad to show them off. Check out the four major benefits of a man cave (reduced from infinite because I am only human) in my post below. Get a checklist out and make sure you consider each and every one for your man cave.

Man Caves Ideas

For all types of man caves, these four benefits lay at their core: Relaxation, pride, social accomplishment, and utility. The typical man cave features all these things, even if its theme differs from the norm. Use these man cave ideas to help you highlight these awesome benefits.

1) Relaxation

Stress, depression, anxiety, and all other high-tension maladies are on the rise. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, finding a place to relax should be a priority for you. Many people think that men are emotionless robots, but we need a break sometimes. The man cave provides that for us.

Every man relaxes differently, which means every man cave looks different. Some men take a nap on the couch with the sound of TV going in the background. Others enjoy playing some games or browsing the net. Books are an excellent way to pass the time and they keep the mind engaged. Whatever way a man chooses, he benefits greatly from a designated place to relax.

Mental association is very important when relaxing. You probably know not to browse your phone in bed. By doing so, you lose the association with sleep that your bed has, and end up restless in the long run. Similarly, when a man associates relaxation with his cave, it’s very easy to drop the stress when they walk through the door.

2) Collections, Hobbies, and Pride

My dad loves collecting those Star Wars Funko Pop! Things. They are small, simplified character representations of all the characters you can imagine. Unfortunately, he ran out of space to display them very fast. It also seemed strange to guests when they walked into his house and saw the figurines perched on top of the bookshelves, cabinets, wall shelves, and so on. When he finished up his man cave, he finally had a spot to put those. No longer did the Pop! figures invade the home. His wife breathed a sigh of relief and he proudly placed them in their own special display.

Since a man has complete domain over the decor of his man cave, he can stretch those creative muscles and show off things that are normally ‘unacceptable’ in the rest of the household. Big, gaudy head mounts from his hunting ventures can go up on the walls without anyone to say otherwise. If he wants a couch with an X-Wing Starfighter pattern, then that’s within his power. He can display all his accomplishments in one spot and take pride in his life’s work without judgement. Usually, these things look out of place in the rest of the home, so the dedicated spot is an amazing benefit.

3) Social Accomplishment

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge party person. My social accomplishments include having a handful of close friends and a couple dozen acquaintances that I interact with frequently. I like to consider them diamonds in the rough. Anyways, even though my number of parties per year can be counted on one hand, I still have an excellent place to host them.

My man cave (and most man caves) is decked out with a beer cooler, lots of seating, a stash of emergency snacks, a projector for amazing 4K displays, and everything else I think I need to entertain guests. Everyone has something to do in there, thanks to the odds and ends that wouldn’t show up in the living room. Books, games, food, drink, pool--they can do whatever they want. Man caves aren’t a dick measuring contest, but men still take pride in showing off their true self and seeing others enjoy their cave. It really

4) Utility

Do you have a shed that’s collecting dust? Or perhaps you want your garage to have a little pizazz? An unused bedroom, basement, garage, shed, backyard space, and attic are all excellent places to construct a man cave. A room unused is a room wasted. The last major benefit of a man cave is its ability to turn unused space into a hub of activity. Odd trinkets and collections over the years also find their home here, rather than random shelves across the home. Man caves help you or your spouse make a house a home. This benefits everyone in the family, not just the man of the house!

What Makes a Man Cave?

A man cave is simply a space dedicated to the man of the house. The man takes care of decor and upkeep while the room gives him a place to relax. He can show off all his cool things without judgement, host an amazing get-together with friends, and fill up unused space. What’s not to like? Man cave psychology really makes the benefits apparent. Instead of stressing or having problems, with man caves they can relax. In the man cave, stressed out fellows go from high-strung to relaxed.

A special man cave sanctuary (or mantuary, if you will) helps deal with the stress of life. If you think we don’t deal with stress or mental issues, then you don’t truly know a man. It’s safe to say anyone benefits from this. If you’re a woman and want your own equal version, then don’t worry--check out she-sheds on Pinterests to grab some ideas. Like man caves, you can throw it in a shed or a garage or an attic...the ‘shed’ in the name is just really catchy.

Benefits of a Man Cave in Your House

If you already have a cave and it doesn’t have every single benefit mentioned, then don’t stress. Your cave still needs work, but it’s easy work when you already have the base template installed. You can browse through the rest of my site for some ideas on how to improve your special room.

The man cave is simple in concept and execution, but provides an enormous amount of benefits. When planning your man cave, think about how you can hit all these points. If you miss even one, it means you left your man cave unfinished. Well, except perhaps the ‘social accomplishment’ part. Parties and a social life are optional, but try to make the cave a presentable accomplishment nonetheless. That means expressing yourself without any inhibitions. Enjoy the full benefits of your man cave!

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