Star Wars Man Cave

March 22, 2018
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on April 8th, 2020)

Star Wars Man Cave

The inner nerd in all of us wants to deck out the home with our favorite games, movies, and anime. Unfortunately, not every wife allows a nerd living room, but a man cave circumvents that. By constructing your own man cave, you let your nerd decor run wild! One series in particular harbors a place in the hearts of nerds and geeks everywhere…Star Wars! As the first feature on nerd cave ideas, let’s look at some awesome Star Wars Man Cave ideas and pictures!

Star Wars Man Cave Ideas

As far as awesome nerd caves go, a Star Wars themed cave takes the cake. With a whole galaxy of themes to pick from, these geek cave ideas range from planet-specific decor to a franchise-wide celebration of the series. With so many different movies, games, novels, spin-offs, and otherwise, every Star Wars man cave looks different. However, capturing the unique tone of the Star Wars universe takes skill. So, use these guidelines to help you determine how to decorate your mantuary!

Franchise Theme

First, pick between a franchise theme or an in-universe setting theme. The franchise theme displays the Star Wars logo proudly throughout the cave. A black ceiling dotted with white stars (perhaps even LED stars!) populates the best man caves. Adding the word scroll from the start of the movie to important places catches the eye of any guests and creates a movie-watching mood. Displays dedicated to specific characters work well, although I suggest showing off at least three characters, so it avoids looking like a shrine to one dude in particular. Use nostalgic movie posters, collectable cups, and space-themed furniture and rugs to enhance the Star Wars feel.

Star Wars Dark Force Darth Vader Framed 3D Lenticular Picture

This cool lenticular design shows off the leading force of the dark side and his cronies. Because of the lenticular design, Darth Vader and his stormtroopers appear as a 3D image, despite its two-dimensional appearance. No special glasses required!

Vandor 99089 Star Wars 13.5" Cordless Wood Wall Clock

With a logo, the symbols of the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire, and classic art of the original protagonists, this clock reminds us of the golden times of Star Wars. In fact, it might cause some nostalgia overload!

Setting Theme

On the other hand, a setting-based theme puts you right into a scene from the movie. The sandy wastes of Tattooine, the watery wonders of Naboo, and the icy plains of Hoth all evoke a Star Wars feel without resorting to logos and figurines everywhere. On top of that, picking a setting allows you to choose any type of man cave decor you want. Rustic looks match Tattooine—just throw in some extra lighting to make it more futuristic. A relaxing zen waterfall fountain both reminds everyone of Naboo and helps everyone chill out. Hoth proves a bit more difficult, but throw in some AT-AT walkers and you create a battle atmosphere. Some clever paint jobs also mimic frost.

Plenty of organizations make their appearance in the movies as well. By focusing on one in particular—be it the Galactic Empire, Galactic Republic, Rebel Army, Jedi warriors, or any other group—you create a unique setting that shows which ‘team’ to root for during the movies. After all, none of the conflicts in Star Wars are black and white!

Vinyl Evolution Star Wars Design Wall Clock

This repurposed vinyl record clock shows the major players in episodes IV-VI of Star Wars, plus it looks awesome and gives you the time. I suppose you could play it in a record player as well, but the missing sections would ruin the needle.

Star Wars (Light/Dark Side) Light Switch Cover

Want a dramatic flair to entering the room? Simply flip the switch and declare your solidarity with the light side! Of course, a clever person can switch the alignment of the lights and ‘turn on’ the dark side. All up to you! The design also fits in well with other Star Wars decorations.

Technical Theme

This technically counts as a setting theme, but in differs in its presentation. True Star Wars nerds know that a huge amount of supplemental material goes with each movie, novel, game, and spin-off. The engineering details of each ship, extensive maps of each planet, and galactic placement of each scene all provide the story behind the story. Along with that, they look awesome! Using these materials as your decorations creates a very unique man cave and works great…especially if you consider yourself a true fan of the series!

3D Illusion Platform Night Lighting LED Lamp

Like the lenticular image above, this display gives off the illusion of a 3D apparition. Of course, an optical illusion causes the 3D effect, but it still looks cool! It switches between several colors or stays set on a color of your choice.

Nerd Man Cave Decor

Building a nerd cave, especially a Star Wars themed nerd cave, always dips a little into your wallet. The reason? Simply put, officially licensed products wear a collectable’s price tag. For nerd home decor DIY, flavor your own decorations by using an airbrush to match whatever look you want. White and silver look great for Star Wars man caves, in my personal opinion.

For Star Wars man caves that focus on the spectacular games that the franchise created—or gamer bedroom ideas—set up a stellar entertainment system…pun intended. Use furniture that hides your wires or integrate them into the sci-fi decor. As a fellow nerd, I’m sure you know a little bit about wire management! Star Wars comic book man cave ideas incorporate the unique style of the comics and use them to tell a narrative on the walls, furniture, and so on.

By using Star Wars art, prints, and posters in your cave, you immediately turn your room into something dedicated to Star Wars. Plenty of unique and modern posters exist on sites like Amazon and Etsy to find something perfect for any style of man cave. Custom frames that match some of the space ships in the series create a cool aesthetic!

Star Wars Han Solo 12L 3D Thermoelectric Cooler

I really hope you reached this point before shopping for refrigerators. Why? Because this fridge is the only one you will ever need. With Han Solo popping out of ‘carbonite’ on the front, it also works perfectly to store your favorite drinks. A Star Wars cave absolutely needs this! It holds up to eighteen cans and adjusts for other types of drinks as well.

Ultimate Nerd Cave

Of course, man caves encompass far more than geeky goods. Gamer cave ideas center around electronics, but most man caves also contain a bar of some kind. Whether you use a fridge to store your beer or a full-fledged counter and wine rack setup, a Star Wars bar stool complements the bar with something matching your theme. You can also incorporate the Star Wars theme into your bar by recreating the Mos Eisley Cantina—the location of many famous Star Wars scenes. Okay, maybe just two. It’s topical, and that’s what counts!

The lighting of your man cave also easily complements your Star Wars theme. By setting up a futuristic lighting scheme, it immediately invokes the setting of the franchise. For something more thematic, custom lights that include characters, settings, or features of the series provide some eye candy for your visitors.

Star Wars Darth Vader Candy Holder

This silly little holder serves to provide little snacks or hold car keys when the drinks start flowing. What better way to tell your guests to stash their keys away than, ‘Give them to the dark side?’ If Vader’s not your best friend, perhaps Darth Maul, Yoda, a Stormtrooper, or a Jawa suit you more. And yes, they make them in each variety.

Plasticolor Star Wars Logo Garage Stool

The Star Wars bar stool looks great for any man cave bar. They also make this cozy seat with a Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, or Boba Fett design. Compared to other bar stools, the price is very affordable, and matches Star Wars man caves perfectly.

Epic Star Wars Man Cave Ideas

With all this geeky interior design to choose from, finding an idea should be no problem for you! However, picking just one for your cave proves difficult. Think deeply about what you love in the Star Wars universe. Is it the unique settings? What about the beautiful attention to detail? Or maybe you just love the nostalgia of partaking in the series. In any case, the wonder of Star Wars captures the imagination, and it’s up to you to build the perfect Star Wars man cave!


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