Man Cave Decor

September 7, 2017
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on April 3rd, 2020)

Man Cave Decor

So, you picked finally picked out a theme and spotted some furniture to match the room. You set up the TV, entertainment system, bar, shelves, and so on. And yet…something feels lacking. Of course, the walls! The floor! The clocks, signs, and flags! Man cave decor gives your man cave that extra oomph it needs to go from ‘okay’ to ‘spectacular.’ On top of that, it makes the room feel more personalized and cozy. Check out these great ideas for man cave decor, along with tips on how to set up your room just right!

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Cool Stuff to Put in a Man Cave

For some good man cave decor ideas, let’s step back and consider exactly what decor entails. First, decide on a focal point that ties the room together. It represents your man cave theme and the function you use your man space for. Cool gadgets for your man cave add the extra oomph to the room’s design. Other than the typical man cave furniture placement rules, some rules exist for picking out man cave decor.

Rule one? Experiment with different sizes and scales of decor. A grid-like decor system works well for minimalist setups, but for anything else, it looks a little uncreative. Variety, such as a rug or different wall texture in one part of the room, spice things up and gives a wandering eye something to look at!

"MAN CAVE" Shot Glass Display Shelf Wall Curio - NO DOOR

A good example of a focal point is a Man Cave shot glass display. With a minimal pine wood frame, this shelf takes up a small amount of space. At the same time, filling the shelf with colorful shot glasses draws the eyes in. It holds up to 36 glasses, allowing you to display a collection of movie, sports, games, and similar shot glasses. Honestly, this shelf matches anything classified as a man cave, so it remains useful even if you change your theme in the future. Any cave with a bar needs a shot glass shelf anyways, so why not one designed specifically for man caves?

Personalized Man Cave Decor

Of course, a little personalization takes any old man cave and makes it your man cave. Instead of throwing in any man cave candles with a scent you like, pick on that matches your theme, and use a personalized candle holder to make it match. Personalizing things with rustic man cave ideas proves easy, as all you need to do is a little sanding and staining on some wood furniture to make things click. When it comes to man cave decor, you need to strike a careful balance between personalized and useful. The following sections all provide examples and inspiration on how to decorate your man cave with a bit of personality!

Man Cave Sports Decor

Starting off on your personal quest of man cave decor, your pride and joy for your local sports team—or, you know, the one that wins in some other state—forms step one for cave decorating. Each of the following recommendations appear in multiple team designs, ensuring you find one that suits your cave. Hang them up on walls, doors, or outside, if you like. Keep them up all the time, or just on game day—for that little bit of extra support. Gathering the man fam around on game day, these bits of pride show everyone who they better cheer for under your roof.

NFL Wool Man Cave Banners

Want to hang up a banner of your favorite team in your man cave? Well, this little NFL banner does the trick. These officially licensed banners depict over two dozen NFL teams, ensuring anyone enjoys the perfect entrance to the perfect sports-themed man cave. On top of that, the item itself feels very high-quality. The soft wool shows off the brilliant sports colors perfectly. These man cave banners hang nearly three feet down, so dedicate a small portion of your wall or door to show it off. Hanging it also works, although the banner only shows its design on one side, so keep that in mind.

NFL 3x5 Country Design Flags

Like the banners, these officially licensed NFL flags come in over a dozen designs with different teams. Although they make them out of polyester, the fabric feels durable and it includes several accessories to ensure the flag lasts for ages. UVA protection keeps it from fading in the sun, while a reinforced headband with two metal grommets keeps the flag from floating away. Although built to fly in the outdoors, the flags work awesome in an interior setting. Simply hang them up on the wall to show off your team pride! They make a great focal point for a whole section of your cave.

Nfl Football Team Chrome Wall Clock

Once again, these man cave clocks show the colors and helmets of many different football teams! The three-stripe design with a helmet in the foreground draws the eyes into the clock. The football jersey pattern adds an extra flair to an already great clock. The chrome plating on the edges give off a professional look, and among a bunch of other sports stuff, it adds a finishing touch to the room. Unlike many clocks, the hands on these ones use simple rectangular strips. In my opinion, the utilitarian clock hands feel manlier than classic hand designs. Well, maybe that’s just me!

Man Cave Wall Decor

Two different kinds of man cave wall decor exist. We all know the first type. Hanging up awesome man cave wall murals, gun wall murals, and really just all kinds of man cave wall art ideas fit into this category. However, the second category forms the crucial foundation of any small room decor. Specifically, wall textures. Instead of painting everything one color and sticking to it, choose a portion of the wall and give it a wood pattern, brick overlay, or even just a different kind of textured wall paper.

All three dimensional decorations tie into this texture, giving the room more dimensions. That’s why canvas prints look better than posters in your man cave! The following types of man cave decor add a little bit of texture and personalization to your mantuary.

Marla Rae Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print entitled Man Cave Rules

This canvas print shows some of the basic rules of a man cave: your cave, your rules, sports on the TV 100% of the time, dogs welcome, and so on. Using a man cave rules art print close to the entrance or in a visible spot helps define the room. On top of that, it makes it more personalized and gives you lots of ideas on maintaining your mantuary! The crisp color, high quality canvas, and UV resistant inks ensure it lasts at least until your next room make over. Probably more than that, though! They also make it in two sizes, so you easily fit it in your room.

Ichthus Jesus Fish Crucifix

Showing off your religion in a man cave setting may seem strange, but a lot of people like showing off their devotion in every room. This cross contains ichthys symbols, which refer to the verse “I will make you fishers of men.” At the same time, fitting a cross into your decor that matches proves difficult when you’re focusing on manly decor. I recommend using this rustic cross decoration for your man cave because it matches with any old western-style, rustic, or steampunk man cave decor. It works inside and outside, although dry it quickly if water gets on it.

Man Cave Flags and Signs

Moving on to different types of man cave wall decorations, personalized man cave signs always catch the eye and adds a conversation piece to your room. Man cave wall decals such as zombie wall stickers or your university logo adds flavor to the room, but doesn’t shout ‘man cave.’ If you want to really make an impression, then think about what separates your cave from a study or entertainment room. Skip the inspirational art and go straight for the man cave flags and signs!

Man Cave Sign Decorative Mancave Wooden Novelty Wall Decor

If you enjoy hunting and need a sign for your man cave, look no further than this quaint piece of work. They designed the words with a bone theme in mind, so that it looks like bits of antler hanging on wood. Although made of plastic, that only makes it more durable over time. Plus, no one knows the difference unless they touch it directly. The rope ties it all together in more ways than one, adding to the ‘primitive’ look that hunting inspires. The sign itself measures 12” x 5.5” x 1.5”, so it fits well on a door or in small, unused places in your mancave.

Desperate Enterprises Man Cave "What Happens in The Cave Tin" Sign, 12 by 16-Inch

Made from metal material, this sign defines an important rule in every man cave. Specifically, the fact that anything that happens in the man cave, stays in the man cave! Although a lot of people keep drama out of their man caves, the reality is that life creeps in. Sometimes the wife acts annoying, other times the job just grates at your patience, and every now and then disaster strikes! Talking about your troubles in a stress-free environment helps cope with the tedium of everyday life. However, talking honestly with others reveals some adverse opinions of people you truly care about. As such, any discussion that happens in the man cave, stays in the man cave!

Or, you know, any other strange activities there.

Old Glory Patriotic House Flag Vintage American Flag 28" x 40"

This large flag shows off your patriotism. Hand it inside or outside the cave—it resists any kind of weather or beer you throw at it! Especially in modern times, America struggles with the concept of unity. This beautiful flag helps us remember the true nature and origin of Americans! Unlike many flags, this one shows off a rustic design and its own name—Old Glory! It matches any man cave, from rustic rooms to sports havens. The flag looks a little darker than its preview image, but I think this just adds to its charm. Although not a centerpiece, it complements every man cave theme out there!

Crystal Art 79488 "Sign Of The Times" Man Cave LED Lighted Sign, 10" x 19"

This man cave looks exactly like the open signs of your typical bar. Except, of course, for the ‘mancave’ label. For any man cave with a bar, this sign adds a little bit of flair to the room. It invites others to ask for drinks—something I find pretty fun, when otherwise I need to offer to make something before anyone expresses interest! The classic LED sign saves on power and never heats up, despite glowing brightly. In fact, the sign shines so brightly that I needed to put a filter on it so it didn’t glare on my monitors! I suggest putting it up high in the room to mitigate its brightness.

Primitives by Kathy Wood Box Sign, 10-Inch by 6-Inch, Alcohol

This sign also works great for a bar, although it serves an entirely different purpose than the one pictured above. In a man cave, alcohol flows like water. A sign like this cements that concept—or at least shows off one of your favorite pastimes. The only ‘diet’ in a man cave involves lots of meat and little salad! To go with the sign, I also recommend a little bundle of matching coasters—each with unique phrases. My favorite among them is ‘Don’t cry over spilled milk. It could have been wine!’ Our desire for a good drink goes back for millennia, so the title of this piece of art makes total sense.

Man Cave Clocks

Although phones and computers replaced the clock in conventional settings, the clock still serves an aesthetic function. Phones and tablets create a distraction every time you check the time—so much so that I still prefer using clocks than reading twenty alerts on my phone and then forgetting to actually check the time. On top of that, clocks help a room click together, and the many different types of clocks allow them to match all sorts of themes.

Infinity Instruments Sofia 12 inch Silent Sweep Wall Clock

Some people hate ticking clocks. Honestly, the grating noise of a clock sounds annoying if you listen to it all day. They designed this clock with a silent sweep movement, ensuring that annoying ticking bothers nobody. Although the ‘elegant’ design appears girly at first, it matches perfectly with classy bars that look like they appeared straight out of the roaring 20s. The entire clock measures 12 inches, while the face itself clocks in at six inches. You set the clock using a manual dial on the back. More than anything else, use this clock as a decorative addition to your man cave.

OLDTOWN Clock 3D Retro Rustic Vintage Wooden 23-Inch Noiseless Gear Wall Clock, Roman-Anti-Bronze

This clock hangs up in my man cave and fits the steampunk theme perfectly. The wood texture really makes it look like rusted metal, although I wish they used some sort of gloss that makes it reflective, just like metal. The clock hands move silently, so when I play horror games, it never hinders my immersion. If you dislike Roman numerals—which I totally understand—then two other clocks use regular numbers to help you tell the time. Available in both a rustic brown and a black finish, I highly recommend them for any steampunk or wild west themed man caves!

Neonetics Bud Light Neon Wall Clock, 15-Inch

Need a clock for your bar? Look no further. This classic clock design hangs in bars across the nation and contains a neon ring to light up the drinking area. The chrome rim also makes it look sleek and professional. Even for man caves without a bar, this clock works so well and looks so good that you may as well hang it up anyways! Depending on your needs, it runs on a single AA battery or the AC adapter included in your purchase. Of course, I prefer the battery option, since it leaves no wire to hide and keeps the room looking organized.

Wood Wall Clock, NALAKUVARA Vintage

And now for a little something different! I absolutely love this clock and hang it up in my kitchen—but it fits a lot of traditional game rooms perfectly! I simply use the steampunk clock above in my room, and a man cave only needs one clock! The thin, flat surface keeps its design minimal, and the classic hand designs actually look great on this piece. Put it in a room with a pool table, poker table, and a billiards board and you create the classic game room faster than you snap your fingers! Well, okay, assembling a pool table takes time—but that aside! I absolutely love this design and also see it working in a café-style room.

Man Cave Decor DIY

Looking for man cave ideas on a budget? The tasks proves harder than it sounds. Finding cheap man cave stuff starts with browsing antique stores, garage sales, and thrift stores…but where do you go after that? In truth, you go back to thinking of man cave ideas…cheap man cave ideas. By doing things yourself, you exchange hefty price tags for your own time and experience. A lot of people make the mistake of taking on DIY projects without the correct amount of experience, with rather lackluster results.

When thinking of your own DIY projects, consider whether you take pride in the sort of work you planned out for yourself. If so, then go for it. If not, or if you never learned how to do it in the first place, then call in an expert. At the same time, with the help of the internet, you learn to do most things you need to do while building your man cave. The only thing that always needs an expert—100% of the time, no exceptions—is electric work.

Ultimate Man Cave Accessories

Beyond your typical decor, the ‘extra’ furniture also needs a place to stay. These so-called accessories actually provide important services to your one-of-a-kind man cave, despite their ‘optional’ status. In example, a fridge houses all your food and necessities, and supports any kind of bar you put into your cave. A pool table keeps the room lively and creates a focal point, while shot glasses ensure the alcohol keeps flowing. Man cave cutting boards ensure that any mini kitchens in the cave cook amazing dishes. These little non-essential accessories make life in your man cave that much easier!

NewAir 84-Can Beverage Cooler

No man cave goes without a beer cooler. This delightful little fridge keeps things at 34 degrees—in other words, perfect for that frosty feeling, without the actual frozen bit. The small version fits up to 84 cans, while the large version fits a whopping 126 cans! Compared to other beverage coolers, the price looks great and the design fits a man cave perfectly. With a little adjustments, you can fit about six bottles on the bottom shelf and use the upper shelf to hold your beer or soda. It sounds about as loud as your average cooler. Place it underneath a table, but keep it outside of a cabinet, since it ventilates from the rear.

The Man Cave Starr X Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Simple in design and aesthetic, it nonetheless makes an essential addition to your man cave decor. The reason? It never mysteriously walks away. My bottle openers used to disappear. Maybe they went home in the pockets of my friends, or maybe—more likely—my wife simply misplaced it in the mysterious realm of our kitchen drawers and cabinets. I took to tying an orange shoe tie to it, but even that failed. The solution? Nail the bottle opener to the wall, of course! This simple bottle opener—made specifically for the mancave—easily attaches to walls and durable furniture. Enjoy a life without searching for a necessary tool!

Whiskey / Bourbon Decanter – Liquor Dispenser

For whiskey and bourbon aficionados, a good decanter fills in a necessary spot to your man cave bar. Exposing a larger surface area of your drink improves its taste, and this classy rendition of the age-old decanter gives you an excellent way of serving it. It also works for vodka, rum, tequila, or—check this out—mouthwash. Of course, more than anything else, it improves the flavor of wine. Choose how you use it and enjoy the improved quality of your drink of choice. Along with that, you impress your friends with the knowledge of traditional ways to serve alcohol!

Bruntmor, CAPMAGS Strong Magnetic w/ Zinc Alloy Beer Opener & Cap Catcher

When a simple bottle opener fails to impress you, one of these might do the job. Available in three sleek designs, this rustic man cave decor uses magnetism to catch loose bottle caps. This keeps the junk down in your man cave. If you invite people over often, garbage tends to be a problem. Even with a lot of trashcans, people find a way to stuff their litter in the weirdest places. Plus, if you need a gift for someone, this always proves useful. Yes, even if they already use another bottle opener. The beautiful wood design looks great in everything but a minimalist setup—unless that setup uses cherry red or brown colors in its design.

Man Cave Gift Ideas

It would be nice if cool apartment stuff for guys grew on trees, but the reality is that gifts for the man cave take a lot of thought and creativity. Simply shopping through a hardware store for miscellaneous tools never makes the mark. When looking for a gift, consider the theme of your man’s cave. Anything that matches that theme and looks halfway useful works well as a gift. On the other hand, maybe the intricacies of the cave escape you, and you don’t even have a starting point. In this case, shop for generally useful things that any man would enjoy.

In the following examples (which I also highly recommend), they touch on general love of alcohol and rashness. The last one works well in nautical, sea, film, and military rooms—plus it looks awesome and they make it in tons of colors! These general ideas help you find a solid gift idea for the man in your life.

USA Beer Cap Map

Anyone with a drinking hobby seriously needs a USA beer cap map. Why? Simply collecting brews from across the nation challenges you to seek out new flavors and destinations. Finding a drink from small breweries from every state proves more difficult than you could imagine. Out-of-the-way states like Hawaii, Alaska, and Idaho (because really, who lives in Idaho?) make completing it especially hard. Nonetheless, for those who manage to fill in every single state, this map provides twenty extra cap spots. I recommend using these extra spots for brews from your favorite cities—whether or not you grew up there or simply hold it in high regard.

Rude Monkey Flipping The Bird

Okay, I know a lot of people out there made jungle or tropical themed man caves. Especially people with pools. And you know what? Power to you. The plants that go towards your man cave really clear up the air and add atmosphere. But, simply put, you need a little man cave decor to really set the mood. My recommended solution? A monkey flipping the bird. This little wooden carving—each one hand crafted—depicts a monkey casually flipping the bird to all passersby. Hide it someplace and reveal it whenever someone says something stupid, or show it off proudly as a piece of your regular decor!

Hampton Nautical Deluxe Class Wood and Brass Decorative Ship Wheel 18"

Available in a huge range of colors, this nautical wheel fits well into any ocean-themed man cave. Complement it with blue, white, and tan tones to really kick off the captain’s quarters. On top of its amazing color varieties, they also make it in a ton of sizes. Want a quaint little six inch wheel to decorate a shelf? This works. Or maybe you want a 48 inch wheel to really set the mood. Again, this wheel provides an option for you. Made out of shisham wood and a brass center, this nautical wheel tops all the other options available to you!

Ultimate Man Cave Decor

In the end, the ultimate man cave decor lets your individuality shine through, no matter what items you choose to display. Let the list I provided you here guide your creativity in new and amazing ways that show everyone your inner self! Whether you choose a gift or improve your personal mantuary, the decor you choose adds a new layer of personality to the room. As you relax in your room and look out on all of your sweet decor, take pride in the fruit of your labor!

Check out the rest of the site for more specifics on setting up a man cave, including managing space in a small room, setting up a game room, planning out your cave, and much more!

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