The Best Man Cave Garage Ideas

September 21, 2017
Robert Manziel

The Best Man Cave Garage Ideas

Two different types of man cave garages exist. For the first one, men build their own private man cave in the garage, sitting their cars outside and claiming the space as their own sanctuary. For the other type of garage, buildings of all types house and show off cars and the mechanisms behind them. This page goes over both types of the best man cave garage ideas, how to change your environment to match your needs, and how to find space to relax for yourself when all is said and done! Check out these man cave garage photos, go over every tip on the page, and find some inspiration for your own best man cave garage ideas!

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Small Garage Man Cave Ideas

A half garage, half man cave setup usually consists of a cramped area with a car stuffed in. Especially with single car garage man caves, incorporating your own personal interests to go alongside the car ends up with a cramped space. My advice on how to turn your room into a man cave? Utilize the vertical space of your mini man cave!


For narrow room man cave ideas, planning proves a little more difficult. Simply put, when your room barely accommodates a car to start with, adding in extra stuff takes away from the ‘comfort’ aspect of your cave. To mitigate this, try to install vertical shelving wherever possible. Furthermore, tall and thin cabinets minimize the space that your tools take up. Creating a small level of flooring above your toolboxes aids dramatically, and placing furniture in that otherwise unused space allows a lot of leg room. For entertainment, go ahead and use a projector and screen. Place the two opposite of wherever you sit.


From there, focus on how to incorporate your car, if you intend to leave it in the room. Naturally, keep your car in top condition. Keep it nice and waxed and keep the engine purring. Creating the perfect car starts under the hood, but with that stuff out of the way, the car’s color starts to matter. Rather than paint the car to match your man cave, I suggest matching the furniture and accessories in the cave to your car!


Man Cave Garage Floor Ideas

Now for some tips on sprucing up the look of your garage floor! Clean the garage floor as best you can, but if the stains prove impossible to remove even with a power washer, then think about your other options. Laying a thin film atop the floor and then applying transparent resin both seals in that garage smell and provides you with a snazzy, smooth floor.  For people who want to keep cars away, cheap carpets also work well. However, keep in mind that humid conditions create mold under and within the carpet. Tile, wood, and resin work better!


On the other hand, maybe you enjoy the garage look! Garages make the perfect workshops, since any odd smells or particles drift outside. Anyone who wants to tinker on the car definitely needs to turn their garage into a man cave—or any other room you manage to claim for your own! By cutting out the carpet on most first floor rooms, you reveal the solid foundation beneath that makes a great garage man cave floor. Concrete floors make cleaning a cinch (honestly, who wants to spend all of their extra time cleaning?) and stains just add to the grunge effect of the room.

On top of all that, the garage serves as more than a place for cars. Converting it into an art studio, woodshop, forge, and so on also encourages a concrete floor. So, think carefully about the use of your garage. Industrial uses demand a concrete floor, while the floors of personal man caves need to keep your feet away from the winter chill. Go wild with your garage man cave ideas!


Garage Man Cave Ideas on a Budget

Garage man cave accessories take their toll on your wallet, especially for the fancier gadgets. In order to save cash, think about the ways to circumvent the more expensive goods. In example, rather than purchasing clap-activated lights, consider clap-activated outlets. This saves on your overall cost. Applying this concept to other gadgets keeps your costs low.

Thankfully, for garage man cave floors, simply removing the carpet works to create that industrial feel. For second story man caves, which usually use a wooden base, consider putting in simple tiles to keep things clean. For man cave furniture, pick stuff out of garage sales to transfer directly into your own garage! Buy tools and equipment used on Amazon. Many stores which sold craftsman-quality tools outsourced their production to other countries, so you receive about the same quality anyways.


For rooms that focus on the cars, glass makes a popular way to keep the cars safe while showing off their beautiful paint jobs. If custom glass doors and display cases look too pricey, consider other transparent materials. Acrylic sheets like Plexiglas withstand more force and cost less than glass.


Keeping the Garage Man Cave Safe

This seems like a weird thing to talk about. What could go wrong in a man cave, after all? The garage takes a ton of beatings anyways, how could you do worse than driving a two-ton vehicle through the room? Well, quite frankly, the garage never works well for living. As someone who spent a lot of time in a garage room, I guarantee that the air conditioning needs to take priority. The garage gets incredibly hot in the Summer—even hotter than outside temperatures—and becomes chilly in the winter. If you keep your door closed, expect some stuffy and unbearable conditions.


Second, putting flammable objects into a room not meant for habitation always creates a hazard. Check to see if your carpet, furniture, and wall materials say ‘fire resistant’ in the description. Third, and very related to the fire hazard, floods happen. Especially in low-level garages, expect a bunch of moisture and puddles. Keep all electronics and extension cords off the ground. This shouldn’t be a problem—normally, all garage outlets sit very high on the walls.


Lastly, stay aware of your environment. No matter how many things you do to make your garage livable, the room still connects directly to the outside. If you live in the south, expect a ton of snakes, silverfish, rodents, roaches, and—worst of all—black widows. All of these things normally pass through your garage without lingering too long, but any furniture and heat encourages them to stay and make their home. Simple cleaning keeps away the worst. Make sure to clean under your furniture as well! Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and receive a visit from a kitten instead of a pest!


Simply the Best Man Cave Garage Ideas

Still thinking of garage ideas? Man cave locations certainly limit your means of decoration, but look on the bright side! Garages work perfectly for any form of work that involves a mess. Tuning your car, carving out furniture, and putting paint on a canvas all create a huge mess that you need to air out anyways. The best man cave garage ideas turn the garage into a sanctuary for you to relax in. What sort of stuff will you work on in your garage cave? How can you create an environment both productive and relaxing? As long as you center your ideas on these principles, your idea ranks the highest of the best man cave garage ideas!

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