Man Cave Furniture

May 16, 2018
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on March 31st, 2020)

Man Cave Furniture

You finished your ceiling, so no stray paint drops threaten your floor. You put up your walls, so no dust or chalk litters the room. Knowing the layout of the room, you installed all the plumbing and wiring necessary to suit your needs. Plus, you finished the floor and the whole room looks beautiful. Now what? The furniture, of course! Now that you finished the messy bits of construction, furniture makes up the first part of turning your empty room into a man cave. Furniture sets up the feel and theme of the room and molds how you decorate everything. With all of that stuff out of the way, let’s hook you up with the best man cave furniture around!

For more than just furniture, our detailed list of the best man cave ideas helps you improve your man cave from the ground up!

Modern Man Cave Furniture

To spruce up a modern man cave, stay away from wooden furniture. Instead, look at leather, fabric, metal, and plastic (yes, I said it, plastic) seating. Naturally, a unique design that features smooth edges and sharp patterns complements a modern room the best. For your man cave couch, modern designs range from expensive to repulsive, so settling for a normal couch works fine. Your furniture sets up your man cave decor, so a black or white couch goes with anything, while a sports-themed couch captures the mood of a game. For more ideas for man cave rooms, check our man cave decor article .

Flash Furniture Upholstery Recliner

For small man caves, this recliner that allows for additional storage underneath and expands as needed helps to manage space. Plus, the simple base helps keep it safe from potential water damage in poorly insulated garages and sheds. It also swivels, which provides endless entertainment, of course. Compared to the other chairs I recommend, this chair ranks among the most affordable. When fully reclined, it leans back about 50*. This allows you to focus on things in the room without craning your neck!

Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

You know these chairs already. You see them at the mall with quarters attached, charging you two dollars to sit in it for five minutes. And, you know what? These chairs are worth every penny. With a beautiful design that hugs your body and adjusts to your natural sitting angle, this chair provides perfect comfort as you relax in your man cave, watch the big game, or read your favorite book.

Man Cave Refrigerators

Use a fridge as one of the founding pieces of furniture in your room. Since they tend to take up a lot of space, situating the room around them makes sense. Otherwise, you end up with a fridge that looks out of place and sits in an inconvenient spot. At the same time, mini fridges or small wine coolers might suit your needs better. It all depends on what you need to keep your snacks stocked for you and any of your guests.

As for actual contents? Keep a variety of beer—with extra of your favorites—along with meats, cheeses, salsa, and soda for whoever winds up the designated driver. Put some chips to the side, and you have yourself a party at a moment’s notice! For smaller or specialized fridges, just drinks works best. Some other man cave ideas for a snacks? Throw in sports drinks for active types, vegetables for your vegan friends, and yogurt for the hipsters. What about personal man caves? Well, no problem! Just hoard all that food for yourself to save a trip to the kitchen.

Of course, these fridges only fill in some needs. For more specialized fridges—along with ways to incorporate them into your man cave theme—check out our main man cave refrigerators page.

Awesome Man Cave Recliners

After couches and fridges, man cave chairs determine the flow of the room. Chairs facing a TV—in the same direction as a couch—create a home theatre experience. On the other hand, chairs facing inwards create a cozy feel and focuses attention more on people in the room, rather than objects. Desk chairs improve the workshop feel, bar stools fulfill a crucial function, while bowl chairs create a haven of relaxation in your man cave. For rustic man cave ideas, wooden chairs go a long way to completing the theme. Now you see why chairs make such a difference in a room!

Ultimately, your relaxation requirements determine what sort of chairs go into your room. Cheap, decorative, and thematic chairs might look great with your man cave theme and keep your wallet nice and fat, but their comfort proves lacking if you only go after those traits. Always look at reviews for online recliners to spare you some strife. Regardless of decoration or function, make sure your butt likes those cushions, because you’ll be sitting in them for a while!

Double Reclining Sofa, Brown Bonded Leather

Although I never tried this couch myself, my dad uses one in his own man cave. It feels so satisfying sinking into the plush leather after a long day to watch some TV, drink a little, and chill out. The two end chairs extend to become a recliner. A companion double seat also includes two recliners, although the main sofa seats more than enough. Combine both of them with a corner wine holder and enjoy the fine life! It assembles very quickly and—I can’t emphasize enough—feels incredibly cozy to sit in. Let’s just say I’m jealous of my dad.

3 Double Reclining Sofa, Brown Bonded Leather

For larger man caves, seating a whole party proves difficult with a single couch. This triple seat couch lets you squeeze five or six people easily to enjoy a party game—as long as they sacrifice a little personal space! On your own, this provides a wonderful place to lie down. It feels more comfy than a mattress, so be careful sitting in it late at night!

Homelegance 9668BLK-1 Glider Reclining Chair

With a sleek design and cozy leather material, this chair easily extends a leather couch of the same color and blends in with every type of man cave theme. It leans back just enough to give you a good view of the room—that means no staring at the ceiling while trying to sit normally!

Man Cave Bar Furniture

For your man cave garage, your furniture needs to withstand the weather and various temperatures it brings. In the same way, the furniture for a man cave bar needs to stand up to the abuse of constant use from yourself and your guests. High-quality seats stay looking newer for longer, while craftsman-grade bar shelves keep off stains and hold plenty of mix materials. Add to that your coolers and neon man cave signs , and you create the perfect bar right there in your own sanctuary. Finish your plumbing system—if necessary—before you look into bar furniture. For those without a sink nearby, I recommend keeping a little minifridge behind the counter for mixed drinks, where applicable.

Our man cave bar feature goes into all the furniture you need.

Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood

This wonderful rustic coffee table contains two layers to store magazines, books, games, remotes, and anything else you frequently need as you relax in the cave. Its sturdy material keeps it looking great over the years. The natural texture of this wooden coffee table keeps coffee rings and scratches hidden!

Anya & Niki Teak Wood Coffee Table, Unique Design Sturdy and Easy to Assemble

For rustic man caves, wood furniture takes priority. This unique teak wood coffee table looks different from piece to piece, ensuring your man cave looks unique! Assemble it in just a few moments and easily move it when needed. Without extra shelves beneath it, it gives you a lot of leg space for when you relax on the couch.

Small Man Cave Furniture

Man cave ideas for a small room center around managing your furniture and ensuring it serves its function while taking up little space. In example, a man cave coffee table contains multiple compartments for storing books, tools, beer, remotes, games, and anything imaginable. Small coolers and cabinets coexist to cut down on space. Suspend as much of your large and bulky furniture up onto the wall. This includes shelving, your TV screen, games, wires, and stereo system. For very small man cave ideas, consider adding multiple layers to your room. Even a small raised platform helps to hide games, electronics, unused furniture, and so on. The more vertical space you use, the more the space between your furniture expands!

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

Place this table at the center of your room to provide both function and some stress relief. If you deal with kids in your daily life, putting them in charge of this table while you chill in the room doing other things keeps them occupied. Of course, it also works for drunk adults. Check out my detailed man cave idea page for more fun things to put in the center of the room!

Coaster Country Style Coffee Table

For super rustic designs or steampunk designs, the wheeled coffee table fills your room with flavor. On top of that, it perfectly matches industrial rooms and workshop-themed man caves. In small mancaves, roll it to the side of the room and place it upright to save space, when necessary. Take it out for game days or when you invite guests over!

The Very Best Man Cave Furniture

In the end, it’s your room, with your rules. Any sort of furniture that improves your comfort and experience in the room works…even if that piece of furniture is a giant bean bag! Hopefully these recommendations help you start setting up your man cave furniture! Since furniture determines the whole layout of your room, you need to select carefully and coordinate everything together. Walking up to a garage sale and picking up the cheapest antiques might work for cheap man cave ideas, but a good man cave unifies their room with a direction visible in every piece. From the floor to the ceiling, every sign, clock, chair, and entertainment system flows together.

The very best man cave furniture captures the essence of the room and enhances it, adding to it both with function and aesthetics. As long as you keep that in mind while browsing for furniture, your man cave will stand out from the rest as a spectacular achievement! We write more about the best man cave ideas here and cover far more than just furniture. Take advantage of all the tools and resources at your fingertips and start building today!

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