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Do I Need a House Wrap for a Shed?

What is a house wrap for a shed, and do you need it? If you find yourself asking ‘Do I need a house wrap for a shed,’ then chances are that you know about it and need it. For everyone else that simply reads the site and plans on building a shed, then perhaps you’d […]

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Benefits of a Man Cave - Make the Most of Your Cave

Benefits of a Man Cave Are you trying to convince your spouse to let you have a man cave? Are you a spouse, wondering what the big deal is? Perhaps you already own a man cave, and you need to know its full potential. Whatever the case, the benefits of a man cave are endless, […]

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Man Caves with a Pool Table

Man Caves with a Pool Table Why does your man cave need a pool table? They’re an amazing way to hone your hand-eye coordination, your reflexes, and even sharpen up your math. Billiards is a sport that gives you vast benefits as time goes on and—perhaps most importantly—gives you a few tricks to show off […]

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Where to Buy Man Cave Products

Where to Buy Man Cave Products Finding man cave products is a huge hassle. Unfortunately, there isn’t one set store to find everything you need. Fans of sports need to find specialty stores, nerds need to find a local comic shop, and picking your furniture without aim requires a visit to way too many places. […]

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Man Cave Ideas on a Budget

Man Cave Ideas on a Budget Looking for man cave ideas on a budget? Look no further. I completely understand why you’d need to stay in a budget. With money always getting tighter these days, we have to really make our money last. Even if you have a nice big bank account, it’s money-smart to […]

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Man Cave and Chill

Man Cave and Chill Yes, you can use man cave like a verb, just like Netflix. You can also use it as an excuse to ‘chill’ with someone else. As you already know from reading this article, a true man cave is somewhere you can relax all on your own. However sometimes man caves are […]

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I'm testing the tools you need for all of your DIY projects. Are you looking for a test or comparison of the tools you need the most and want some advice? Let me know and I review them!
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