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Do I Need a House Wrap for a Shed?

What is a house wrap for a shed, and do you need it? If you find yourself asking ‘Do I need a house wrap for a shed,’ then chances are that you know about it and need it. For everyone else that simply reads the site and plans on building a shed, then perhaps you’d […]

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How to Build a Lean-to Shed

How to Build a Lean-to Shed Perhaps your man cave decor has started to spill out into the house, forcing you to find new homes for it. Or maybe your yard tools need a dedicated home to hang out in. Or—quite ambitiously—you dream about an amazing and minimalistic little building to hang out in. I […]

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Making Your Own DIY Shed

Making Your Own DIY Shed By now, I’m pretty sure we’ve established the shed as the best home for any man cave out there. A shed provides lots of space between you and the responsibilities of the house, keeps your fancy stuff away from mischievous kids if you happen to have them, and allows you […]

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Storage Sheds – Building, Designing, and Mastering

Storage Sheds – Building, Designing, and Mastering Storage sheds serve as far more than a place to put your extra stuff. They make your yard look spectacular, give you building experience, give your kids or pets a place to hang out, and sometimes house unexpected (but welcome) visitors. Convert them into a man cave or a tiny […]

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Storage Building Kits

Storage Building Kits Building storage sheds takes a lot of time, effort, and man power. Sometimes, working men just don’t have the time to spare to make all of that. Add on the cost of contractors to do it for you, and your backyard man cave shed starts looking like a pipe dream. Thankfully, there […]

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Shed Plans: Learn to Read and Use Them!

Shed Plans: Learn to Read and Use Them! Continuing on with the wonderful world of sheds, let’s talk about the building details! No matter what size your shed is or what purpose you use it for, these instructions walk you through everything you need to know. Want to figure out foundations? I cover that. Want […]

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How to Build a Man Cave Shed

How to Build a Man Cave Shed Interested in building a man cave in the backyard? Want to learn how to make that man cave the best in the neighborhood? You’re in the right place. A man cave shed provides everything you need to seclude yourself from the outside world. On top of that, you’re […]

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How to Build a Shed

How to Build a Shed After reading all the posts on this site about making sheds into man caves, it’s high time that you tried building one of your own! If you have enough property to accommodate a shed, start setting plans into motion to make that shed a reality. Take a seat and prepare to learn […]

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How to Find and Use Your Barn Plans

How to Find and Use Your Barn Plans Let’s take a step back from all this shed business. Sheds are great and all…but what about barns? Barns add way more to your property value, house all kinds of essentials, and allow for much more space than a small shed. Even small barn plans can accommodate […]

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Man Caves: Wood Sheds

Man Caves: Wood Sheds Building a man cave on a budget doesn’t work when you have limited space—and that’s why many people have turned to backyard man caves. Wood shed man caves allow you to fine-tune your space down to the smallest detail. You choose what sort of floor, wall, and ceiling you want. You […]

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