Man Caves and Women

December 19, 2018
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on April 8th, 2020)

Man Caves and Women

Man caves and women are quite a contentious topic. Despite the whole equality thing going on, where men and women are expected to cohabitate, man caves are also increasingly popular. Sometimes men just need a little space of their own to relax their soul. This is so important that I even mention how to handle women in the man cave in my man cave rules post. Keeping the wife out of a specific room might open a can of worms, though. For one, she might think you’re trying to avoid her. For another, she might be annoyed that you’re claiming a whole section of the house’s space just for yourself. In either case, there’s a simple solution to any issues that come up with man caves and women. What is it, you ask? Well, it’s giving women equal ground to stand on. Specifically, ground of their own.

Man Caves and Women

The She Shed

So, what do they call a woman’s man cave? If you’re searching for the word for woman cave, look no further. She shed is the new blanket term for the opposite of a man cave. While this site centers around man caves, it’s crucial that we take a step back and see how a cave can affect family or relationship dynamics. Man caves are not meant to avoid the outside world—they’re just meant to give you a little sanctuary.

The whole rest of the house is shared…but that could easily bother your wife, if she wants the same amount of space as you to herself! She sheds are the equalizer in this situation and are well worth covering on this site, even if it’s a little nonconventional. Plus, I imagine there might be a few ladies making ‘man’ caves that would be happy to know they’re not alone in their endeavors. I talked about this in my article of man cave secrets, but I'd like to go into a little more detail here.

Woman cave decor follows the same basic rules of man cave decor. The she-shed typically has a theme and color scheme. The furniture and decorations derive from that theme, with a few deviations to mix things up here and there. They serve exactly the same purpose as man caves, but rather than being the domain of a man, they are ruled completely by the woman of the shed. Don’t expect to break any of her rules and get away with it in there!

Man Caves and Women

Difference between She Sheds and Man Caves

While their function might be the same, the She Shed and Man Cave have quite a few differences. Like the name implies, she sheds tend to be separate from the house and in the yard. In the modern day and age, the interests of men and women have drifted together, but their priorities differ just a bit. In a she shed, the lighting takes a key role in the decor of a room, and this makes the natural lighting available in a shed ideal. With the proper lighting, the room looks much more clean and organized. On top of that, natural lighting has a positive effect on a person’s soul. With women becoming increasingly stressed in the current age, every bit of stress mitigation should be pursued.

On top of the lighting, the uses of the she shed differ wildly from the man cave. Where the man cave represents a separate game room, a dedicated fan room, or a functional place of entertainment, the she shed serves as a place of simplicity. Rather than showing off objects or themes that fulfill the inhabitant of the cave, they leave the space as free as possible. This allows the woman of the shed to free up some emotion and let go of worries without distraction. I suppose it’s a difference in the way that men and women are programmed.


With that said, the difference between a she shed and man cave are growing fewer by the day as gender roles shift. A women could easily have a she shed dedicated to Star Wars and a man cave could be filled with crafting supplies and rustic decor. If you want to use these tricks for your man cave, feel free. If you read the definition of what makes a true man cave, you'll notice it never says to stifle innovation. It’s common knowledge that just doesn’t get utilized as much outside of she shed decor. Whether you are a man or woman, never feel obligated to conform to these gender norms. You are the one that rules your cave, after all!

Man Caves and Women

Women inside the Man Cave

Of course, we couldn’t cover she sheds without covering how women interact with true man caves. You know, the ones that belong to men. The topic of man caves and women—specifically, whether women should be in the man cave at all—is a contentious one. It ultimately comes down to the rules that the man of the cave puts in place. It’s his cave, which means they’re his rules. If he wants the entire space to himself, then a woman has no say in the matter. As soon as he steps outside, that’s another thing entirely.

A true man should never use the man cave as an opportunity to avoid his family or stress out the inhabitants of the home. It’s a place of relaxation. If you know a woman and you’re quite comfortable with her (which, hopefully, would be the case if you have a wife), then you should probably let her stick her head in sometimes. Simply make a ‘no drama’ rule and step outside whenever you need to have serious conversations.

Man Caves and Women

Man Caves and Women

What this all boils down to is that the balance between men and women is something that should be considered carefully. It’s quite possible for man caves and women to coexist, either by giving the woman a true ‘man cave’ of her own or simply bending the normal rules of a man cave and letting them hang out. As a very important part of every man’s life, think carefully about how you’ll handle your man cave with women and men alike. It’s a sacred space of sorts. Your rules should revolve around keeping the man cave a place to relax. Whatever you decide, make sure your cave still feels like a true man cave in the end.

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