What Does Man Cave Mean?

January 2, 2019
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on April 6th, 2020)

What Does Man Cave Mean?

The first time you heard the phrase ‘man cave,’ you probably thought of some weird prehistoric cave man set up. Or, perhaps instead, you thought of a cave in the wilds where men are likely to hang out. Either of those answers is a little outlandish…but also not far from the truth! The reality is that man caves are a modern day den of sorts used almost exclusively by men. It provides a zone where they can set both the rules and the decor. If you want the full rundown on what a man cave is, read this page. Otherwise, this little summary should sate your appetite for knowledge.

With the stigma surrounding men who get into interior design, the man cave is a good way for every sort of man to stretch those creative muscles and show the world what he’s made of without judging eyes. If all of that still seems a little strange—or if you don’t understand the point of a man cave—then let’s learn how to answer ‘what does man cave mean?’ in more normal terms. Hang tight and read on!

What Does Man Cave Mean?

Man Cave Synonyms

Man cave (also spelled mancave by people too lazy to type a space) has plenty of synonyms that might clue you in to its deeper meaning. My go-to synonym is mantuary, which really encapsulates the purpose of the room. It houses a man and gives him a sanctuary. As long as he’s in his mantuary, no one can mess with him or bother him. He sets his own rules. If you want ideas for man cave rules, I go over a few of them here. While technically an antonym, it’s worth mentioning she-sheds. These provide women with the same basic sanctuary away from the home life.

In both cases, it’s not some way to shut out the world. Rather, it’s a designated area to relax and help them sort through their life’s issues on their own time. That’s why I consider the terms safe haven, man cave, mantuary, and regular old sanctuary to be synonyms in their own right.

What Does Man Cave Mean?

Man Cave Ideas

Now that you know what it is, are you interested in founding your own man cave? You’re in the right place to figure that out! For man cave locations, consider the different parts of your home. If you live in a single-bedroom apartment, a man cave is virtually impossible. You want it separate from the main living space, and you just don’t have any space to spare. The solution for this is to rent a man cave shed. If you have a small home and find yourself in a similar situation, then it’s worth your while to build a man cave shed of your own in the backyard.

For people with spacious homes, you have many more options! A spare bedroom is the perfect location, as long as it doesn’t open up into the living room or something. Make sure to give the room a completely different decor from the rest of the house, solidifying it a different type of space. If all your rooms are used, go ahead and man cave your garage up! Yes, I used man cave as a verb, so sue me. You can read more about doing that on my post here. If you need a shelter for your car, see if you can’t build an extended garage, incorporate the car into your man cave, or simply build an external garage. Converting a garage into a living space is only slightly easier than building your own shed, so consider man cave sheds as an option as well!

What Does Man Cave Mean?

Man Caves on a Budget

Perhaps you came to this page to learn more about man caves than just what they do. Perhaps you came here to dissuade yourself or someone else from getting one! If you’re having trouble comprehending the whole man cave thing and its benefits, read section one again. If you’re having trouble affording it, then this section is for you. I talk all about cutting costs by building your own shed, adding vertical living space to small man caves, and saving on all facets of your man cave in the linked posts. However, to sum it up, here are a few ways to grab some cheap stuff for your cave:

  • Amazon - It’s your best friend when it comes to cheap stuff for the cave. Try to pick it up at a designated Amazon locker, if possible—it’s cheaper and better for heavy objects like furniture.
  • Antique Stores – These never stop giving. Whether you’re looking for furniture or just decor, this is the place to go.
  • Split a Room – Have a large room? Only use part of it? Rather than spending money to build a shed or sacrificing a whole bedroom, look into carving out a room from unused space. Just be mindful of the home’s ventilation—you might end up with your cave being incredibly cold or hot if you don’t!
  • Pawn Shops – You never know what will turn up in a pawn shop. Always try to check them out.
  • DIY Projects – I talk plenty of times about creating some cheap DIY man cave projects to save you money—both in the long term and the short term! I recommend reading up on what you can do to cut down on costs with this dramatically effective (albeit tedious) method.

That should just about wrap up the best ways to save money on a man cave. No matter your financial situation, it’s possible for you to put together a man cave of your own!

What Does Man Cave Mean?

So, what does man cave mean? To a woman, it might just mean ‘a place for a man to shut himself off from the world.’ To a man, it might mean, ‘the one sanctuary I can just chill.’ Both are correct! It’s not a bad thing to want some peace and quiet. In moderation, the time spend in your man cave will keep your mental health up. It also helps you exercise your creativity in ways that daily life just can’t. It gives you something to make all on your own and take pride in.

More than anything else, it gives you a place to call your own. In a world full of millions of people using social media, centering yourself in daily life can be difficult. A man cave provides that home base of sorts. A place reserved just for you. Your cave can be as loud as you want, as quiet as you want, as bright or dark or colorful as you want—you get the idea. And that’s all because it’s yours. So, what does man cave mean? It means a private sanctuary all to yourself!

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