Man Cave Stuff

July 18, 2018
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on April 8th, 2020)

Man Cave Stuff

With your man cave built, the flooring installed, the walls up to snuff, and the lighting fixtures in place…what next? Your man cave lacks some oomph, and today, I want to help you fill in all the missing spots in your cave! Of course, this starts by seeking out man cave stuff that matches both you and your room.

Many stereotypical man cave things border on kitschy, so we steer clear of that with today’s subject and figure out how to find the coolest gadgets for your man cave. From the best electronics, to perfect signs, to minibar accessories, and so on—we discuss it all! So sit back and enjoy some serious discussion on all the man cave stuff your cave deserves.

Cool Man Cave Stuff

First of all, let’s define ‘cool.’ Something like this proves subjective in the long run, so you may not consider the stuff I show here to rank among the cool things. For that reason, I touch on all sorts of man cave stuff. Whether you want to decorate your bar, set up the accessories of your game room, or fill in the gaps of your rustic cave, something here will appeal to you.

Make finding things that represent you and serve a function your priority.  Decorations work fine—especially when you accrue them over time—but you grow attached to things with function faster. Anything with a use automatically becomes cooler. When you want to impress guests, simply point out the man cave stuff you picked and let your stuff do the talking!

Man Cave Must Haves

Unique man cave stuff relies on filling a specific niche of your room. While a Star Wars clock looks seriously spectacular, more than one overkills the concept. Instead, spread out your man cave stuff over some must-have items. Clearly, the clock serves an important function and looks great in rooms. I don’t care if every electronic device you own tells the time, your room needs a clock. They look classy. At least one unique light fixture provides a focal point for the room. Lastly, a large sign, painting, or poster gives the room a cozy feel—no matter your theme.

Part of learning what stuff to put in a room is learning what stuff not to include. For any electronics, keep wires well out of view. Use shelving or cabinets to hide them, run them along the floor with tape, cover them with rugs, or drill some holes to slip them into the woodwork. Limit the amount of gaudy noisemakers that litter the room. That bigmouth bass musical decoration seems fun at first for a fisherman sort, but the novelty wears off fast. If you decide to bring in something that wildly clashes with the theme, then at least make sure it at least matches in color. This keeps it from drawing away from the room’s unity.

Cool Gadgets for Your Man Cave

Now, let’s focus back on cool things for a man cave. Many quality of life items go overlooked, but when you include them, they drastically improve the impression your man cave gives to others. A hammock offers a nice place to relax, entertainment for newcomers, and it saves on space. This applies especially with hammocks that assemble easily or hang with simple fasteners. A bookshelf or display case serves as more than a location for your odds and ends. Use it to display your cool man cave stuff and keep dust off of them. Coffee tables provide the ultimate utility for your room, especially those neat electronic ones. And—let’s face it—they make perfect foot stools in a pinch.

On top of regular lighting, include at least one source of colored lighting that you use to create a cool ambience during parties or just relaxation time. It helps people adjust to the mood! Candles also work for this task. If you own any type of pets, accommodate them in the room somewhere. That way, they stay off of your regular items and keep the room undamaged! These ideas set you on the path of finding cool man cave items!

Man Cave Stuff for Minibars

Many overlook some essential man cave stuff for their bars. For one, a can opener that fastens to a wall keeps it from walking away. A fridge meant specifically for beer or wine keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature. A distiller or unique cooler adds flair to your bar. On top of all that, neon signs set the mood and make your bar look like a real establishment! Find posters or signs that match the brands of beer you commonly stock up on.

For people who want that extra touch, consider adding beer kegs or beer taps to give your cave that tavern feel. Themed shot glasses hold together the room without looking tacky. Lastly, consider adding a display of bottle caps somewhere in the room. For fans of craft brews, the display serves as a collection of sorts. They make the signs in the shape of every state, every country, and a few interesting designs like a dart board or custom lettering.

Stuff for Rustic Man Caves

For man cave decor ideas, certain themes prove more difficult than others. With something like a rustic man cave, finding antiques or features that fit the bill simply proves difficult. If you want a modern function, they usually only manufacture it in a modern design. Thankfully, the internet helps with that!

When looking for rustic man cave stuff, stick to a few unique keywords. Wooden, antique, grunge, western, southern, Mexican, classic, and—of course—rustic all give you some good results. For some rooms, things with a steampunk theme match the rustic aesthetic—as long as you take off the gears everyone loves to tack on. Of course, you may also use our recommendations to find some unique man cave stuff for your room!

Man Cave Signs

Ah, yes. No man cave is complete without the perfect signage! Similar to paintings or wall decorations, signs establish the ambiance of the room. They design a ton of man cave signs in wood, plastic, cloth, and metal materials. I recommend searching for a custom man cave sign design that really establishes the room as yours. A sign that displays the rules of the room or code of conduct also goes a long way towards making the room feel like a cave—even if the rules simply state that the alcohol must flow!

Any game room also needs banners, flags, and signs dedicated to their favorite teams, games, or franchises. Amazon sells even the most obscure game designs, so I highly recommend looking into it! Other types of signage include stuff focused on your hobbies, unique wooden engravings, and things which label the room as yours. Always name your man cave and always give it a name tag somewhere with a custom sign!

Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room

For small rooms, managing space takes up most of your brainstorming. However, many people neglect to think about the vertical space of their man cave! Intertwine shelving, furniture, and signage to create a perfect use of space on each wall. If you want to make the room appear larger, include lots of lights and actually tone down the use of paintings.

Space out your furniture, keep the floor nice and visible, and consider adding texture to different vertical stripes of the wall. All of these techniques give the illusion of space in a small man cave. Grab some extra wall mounts to account for furniture that doesn’t include them. Keep the support beams of the house in mind whenever you install things on the wall!

Man Cave Ideas on a Budget

For cheap man cave ideas, garage sales and antique stores provide ample amounts of furniture and materials. Combine old wooden furniture with new upholstery from Amazon or fabric stores to create brand new furniture that suits your man cave! Just watch out for any nasty pests that might be in for the ride on old furniture. For an inexpensive way to fill your man cave with stuff, consider looking for pre-made decorative sets. This includes a four-pack of canvas paintings, shelves with shot glasses and coasters included, and so on. By purchasing in ‘bulk,’ you spend less overall. Plus, the matching stuff makes for a great starting point in your cave decoration.

To save cash in another way, consider purchasing the materials to make your own decorations. Wood and metal works best from local stores to skip on shipping costs, while the internet carries a huge variety of spray paint, tools, and decorative materials for a more affordable price than brick-and-mortar stores. With a little bit of ingenuity, you build perfectly matching stuff for your man cave that adds tremendously to the cohesion of your room.

Ultimate Man Cave Accessories

Once again, the best man cave stuff all depends on what you need to use in your cave. Simply pick what you need and then upgrade it to something snazzy. Need a shelf to display your wine? Choose one with flashing lights that change color! What about a cooler? Go for the rustic look and use a barrel of ice to store the goods! Instead of square bookshelves, look for unique shapes that match the theme of your cave. On top of all that, find ways to minimize space—that helps you cram even more use out of your limited man cave! The more stuff you put in, the more use your room offers you.

Mixing up your accessories also goes a long way. A room dedicated to gaming clearly needs comfy couches and awesome screens, but what about your other hobbies? For example, a flat surface to sketch Star Wars space ship schematics or fill out adult coloring books makes your man cave more than a one-trick pony. It helps you relax in all aspects and offer you a personal mantuary!

Simply The Best Man Cave Stuff

As far as man cave stuff goes, you want to grab the best stuff available to you. Sometimes, this item costs an arm and a leg, and they only sell it through online stores. Other times, you find it on the roadside or in the back of an antique store collecting dust. Whatever stuff you decide to put into your man cave, remember to use it all.

All of your stuff combines with the room to help you chill out in the cave. So, go ahead and grab that Lord of the Rings canvas print or that huge table saw setup! When you walk into the room and feel like everything sits where it belongs, you know you found all the right stuff for your man cave.

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