What Every Man Cave Needs

January 30, 2019
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on April 8th, 2020)

What Every Man Cave Needs

So, want to know what every man cave needs to work the best? Want to know how to make them as relaxing and useful as possible? Of course you do. Why else would you be reading this? The definition of a man cave is pretty simple (and I even go over it on this page), which means fulfilling its requirements is equally easy to accomplish. You want a place to relax, a place separate from the world, a place you can entertain yourself, and a place you can feel at home. If you’re planning a man cave or if you’re looking at a ‘finished’ man cave and wondering what’s missing, then use this article to push you in the right direction. The perfect man cave is only a few steps away.

What Every Man Cave Needs

Recliner and Cozy Furniture

What’s the point of a man cave if you can’t relax in it? Sitting doubt isn’t just important, it’s a necessity. Office chairs won’t cut it. You need a recliner or excellent couch or combination of the two to ensure you get as much relaxation out of the room as you can. After a long day at work, the last thing you need is an uncomfortable chair or couch messing with your back. Take your time picking out the perfect chair, because your man cave definitely needs it!

A variety of furniture helps as well. Hammocks take up no space, give the room a lot of character, and are downright cozy. Just make sure you don’t get something so comfortable that you fall asleep in it. Man caves are not bedrooms, after all.

What Every Man Cave Needs

Bar and Fridge

Time to get out of your comfort zone…and find a way to dine in your man cave! What every man cave needs is a stockpile of snacks to keep you energized throughout the day. Try to keep things low carb, since you’ll be grabbing snacks more often than you think. Stock your fridge with fruit snacks, meat, and beer. You can grab yourself an electric grill to easily cook yourself a steak, but I’d advise against setting up an actual kitchen station in your cave. You want to keep this a place of relaxation, not a place where you spend all your time eating and messing around. The distinction is key to a good man cave.

Drinks, on the other hand? Go wild setting up your own bar. Even if you don’t use it too often, it makes your man cave look polished and refined. Simply grab a beer, sit down on your cozy recliner, and set about decompressing your day. Once again, don’t make a habit out of this. Drinks and large snacks in your man cave should be occasional rather than an everyday thing. Then again, it’s your cave, so you make up the rules!

What Every Man Cave Needs

TV & Entertainment

What is a man cave without entertainment? A sad place to be is what. Or perhaps a study…but certainly, without a doubt, not a man cave. In the modern age, you need some form of connection to the outside world. Be it a setup devoted to a BluRay player, a huge 4k TV that plays football games in pristine quality, or a video game setup that uses a projector to display your stuff on a wall…all of these fill the entertainment need of a man cave.

You don’t necessarily have to go digital. If you read the newspaper daily, do it in there. Get your reading, drawing, carving, and hobby activities associated with the room. Whatever you do, make sure the man cave is a fun place to be. Otherwise, why would you want to use it? The only type of entertainment you should avoid is social media. It’s true that this entertainment stuff is meant to keep you connected to the outside world, but social media is a different story. Studies show that prolonged exposure to social media sours your mood. It’s critical in today’s world to use social media, sure, but that doesn’t mean you should be constantly aware of what your grandma’s having for lunch. Keep it relegated to a few hours per day, max—and keep it out of the man cave.

What Every Man Cave Needs

A Man

Without a doubt, when you get right down to it, a man cave only needs one thing. Without it, a man cave is nothing. That thing is less of a thing and more of a person. That’s right…it’s a man. Did the section title give that away? Anyways, you aren’t just a man because of what hangs between your legs. There’s far more to achieving that real manhood that makes a man cave perfect. I’m not about to say you have to be all machismo, buff, gruff, or that sort of stuff. Sure, that makes you look very manly, but it’s not about that.

The man in your man cave…isn’t you. Not exactly. Even if you’re nowhere near it, that ‘man’ will still be in the man cave. Your man cave needs a part of your soul. You shouldn’t follow man cave setup directions word-for-word from the net (even if they’re from me). This leads to a room that might look good, but feels…empty. Soulless, is what I’d call it. You need to put touches of your favorite things. When you add stuff into the cave, take a moment to think—is there any way I could make this object more suited to me? A simple example is a black lampshade for a lamp. A complex example is a corner devoted to your Star Wars figurines. All of that stuff that helps you be you should go into your cave. And that bit of your man soul is exactly what a man cave requires. If you need more help on these basics, check on my post on the matter.

What Every Man Cave Really Needs

You might find that last part a little silly, and trust me when I say that lots of others would agree with you. However, continue to trust me when I say that those same people don’t know what’s missing from their man cave. Means to relax, to chill, and to entertain yourself are all critical elements of a man cave, but what really defines a  man cave is how much blood, sweat, tears, and soul a man puts into this work of his.

If you really need help finding out what your cave needs, I cover a whopping 19 things that man caves need on this post. What it boils down to is that a second home needs a touch of personality, wouldn’t you agree? It doesn’t need to be dramatic. Just a particular shape of shot glass, a peculiar arrangement of posters, or a precisely positioned trinket near and dear to your heart brings your cave together. That’s what every man cave really needs.

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