How to Make a Man Cave Bar

January 16, 2019
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on April 2nd, 2020)

How to Make a Man Cave Bar

Have you ever wanted to make your own bar? Do you already have a man cave, or have a place picked out for one? Well, you’re in luck! Man caves are excellent excuses to make bars, since they provide ample opportunity to use them. I even did a piece on the function bars serve in man caves on this page. You’re constructing a themed room anyways, so why not throw in something that drastically improves the value of the room? Bars fit into man caves so well that it’s hard to consider rooms without them true man caves. Even if you don’t drink, setting up a bar to mix some tasty drinks is a necessity for guests. Today, I want to talk about how to make a man cave bar—and how you can turn your desires into a reality!

How to Make a Man Cave Bar

DIY Man Cave Bar Plans

Homemade bars for man caves don’t come cheap…or do they? Making your own man cave bar saves you a lot of money in the long run, but it does still cost a bit. The first part of learning how to make a man cave bar is to learn how to budget for one. Once you’re sure you have all the materials to create a bar (or at least, all the funds), then you can finally move forward to building!

How to Build a Bar

Let’s start with how to build a home bar from scratch. Search the net for plans on how to build a basement bar. These help you know exactly how many materials you need. You could also just eyeball it like I do! The plumbing for wet bars is a little tricky, so call in a contractor if you don’t know what you’re doing. Messing up with pipes could cost you a fortune—both in the short term and the long term!

Build a mock-up of your bar in the desired place. It doesn’t need to be pretty, since no one’s going to see it!  Make sure there are holes for any sinks, grates, or shelves you want to install. It’s also worth making the interior accessible so that it can be cleaned every now and then. Cover the top in granite, laminate, or treated wood. Do the same with the sides of your bar.

How to Make a Man Cave Bar

Sprucing it Up

Finish up with some trim and dressing. The whole thing should be waterproof for obvious reasons. If your carpet allows, you should even test it out to see how it handles a bunch of spills. You don’t want to put up all of your tools only to spot a place you forgot to seal. Once you’re finished installing everything, run over it with any paint you want. Sand out any rough spots to avoid wasting paint and keep your bar from giving some horrible splinters down the line. Acrylic is obviously the paint of choice with this task.

As for other decorations for the man cave? Build some shelves to hold all the wine and liquor you want to show off. Grab a small fridge to place underneath the bar and a fancy wine cooler to place where everyone can see it. I recommend a couple of them on this page. Add a table handle to your bar to give it that extra oomph. Select bar stools to give you and your guests a place to sit and relax as you enjoy the bar.

How to Make a Man Cave Bar

Themed Man Cave Bar Ideas

If you’re interested in putting a bar in your man cave, then you should also be interested in making it match with the cave. All of the best man caves share a cohesive theme. A bar can really punctuate that when you manage to make it match. Bars are not only functional areas, but they are also an eye-catcher. As one of the central features of the room (even if it happens to be close to a wall), making it match your theme is critical to holding everything together. So, how do you customize your countertop to match your theme?

The easiest type of theme to match is a rustic one. Rustic man cave bar ideas include a solid wood bar exterior, a wooden countertop, and classic wooden trims. The glasses you use should imitate the basic designs that were more easily available in older times. You should stock at least a few novelty whiskeys or homebrews that really create a callback to the Wild West (or whatever kind of rustic that you’re going for). Even if you don’t like them, having them around helps add to the authenticity of your bar. For every other theme, follow the same suggestions—just swap out the bar decorations, glasses, and novelty drinks accordingly.

How to Make a Man Cave Bar

How to Make a Man Cave Bar

Are you ready to make your man cave bar now that you know how to make a man cave bar? Set about gathering all the materials you need. Grab the wood, countertop material, glasses, sink, stools, neon signs, and of course, the drinks you want to keep stocked. Hire any contractors that you need to set up the plumbing for a wet bar. After that, start building! Thankfully, bars are simple construction projects. They can easily be your first ‘big’ project for your man cave. Even if you mess up, as long as the construction is sound, you can cover everything up with trim and decoration. Signs and drinks make everything seem authentic, no matter what kind of building skills you have. If you want tips on making a sign, I talk about it here. There’s very little risk involved in this project.

Man cave bars truly have the ability to bring a man cave together. They enhance the theme, add another corner to relax in, provide a place for other people to meet, and add a brand new function to the cave. Even if you’re not a big drinker, the counter space always comes in handy as you build other projects or set up stuff in the cave. Once you’re done building your bar, take some time to sit back and enjoy your work. For each project you finish, you grow one step closer to having your own true man cave.

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