7 Answers to the Most Common Man Cave Questions

January 12, 2018
Robert Manziel

7 Answers to the Most Common Man Cave Questions

If you just entered this site for the first time, you probably want to learn more about man caves. Thankfully, I know all about them, and I’m ready to impart the wisdom of the ages unto you! Whether you want to build a man cave or just want to understand what they’re all about, these 7 answers to the most common man cave questions cover whatever you need to know. Sit back, relax, and learn a bit about the best room in the house (or yard)! Find out why your place needs a man cave, how to plan it, how to build it, and even what to put in it!

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Why have a man cave?

Whether you live in a house or apartment, your home serves as a place to recuperate from work. When you shoulder many of the chores and tasks in the household, you end up needing a rest from your house as well! The man cave serves as a special sanctuary for the man of the house. It provides all of his favorite things in one place—which helps the rest of the family a ton if he enjoys collecting strange objects or listening to loud music!

By distinguishing a special place in the home just for him, it gives him a mental break and allows him to enjoy himself more in and out of the cave. After all, when time in the house becomes special, any man enjoys it more! An office reminds a man of work, even if it serves as his own special place, so only a man cave will do. I go into detail for each reason on this blog post.

How do I create a man cave?

First you need your wife to give you permission—just for formality’s sake! Second, think about where you build it. If you live in an apartment, your guest room works fine. If you own a house, then several more options exist for you. The basement, garage, attic, and backyard all serve as perfect spots for man caves. These spaces go unused in a lot of families, so no one will complain if you start renovating them! As soon as you pick out a spot, you own a man cave. Not a good man cave, but a man cave of your own. After that, you focus on designing!

How do I design a man cave?

When you start learning how to make a man cave layout, you look at the size of the room and the logistics of what you can put in. For example, a small man cave won’t fit a huge home theatre, large couch, kitchen, bathroom, and bar combined. Something with no plumbing at all won’t work for bars. Pick the theme of your man cave, then look into furniture which matches that theme.

Look at the size of each piece of furniture before purchasing. Online stores allow you to see the exact dimensions and sell furniture for a lower price, with the disadvantage of not testing them out beforehand like a normal furniture store. Once you learn how to setup your mancave, follow through with it, and begin to decorate! Here are some more tips on the ultimate man cave!

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How do you decorate a man cave?

Once again, look at the theme of your man cave. This helps you decide everything from the color of the walls to the types of posters you hang up on the walls. Amazon provides a huge variety of things to stock your man cave with. If you find yourself with a lot of extra space, consider putting in non-essential furniture, such as a fridge, in order to improve your quality of life. It feels great getting a beer from the same room you relax in!

For more recommendations on the best man cave decorations, look at our article on 19 essential man cave things. I also wrote about some man cave ideas to avoid. Both will help and inspire you to decorate your man cave! If you know the theme of your man cave already, browse the archives and find some of our custom suggestions. Having trouble finding the right theme suggestions? Just let us know in the comment section!

How do I build a man cave bar?

If you already installed the plumbing to your man cave, then congratulations! You’re ready to build a bar. Start by installing the bar itself—it should have one raised counter facing towards the outside of the bar and a lower counter for mixing drinks on the inside. Optionally, hook up a sink to create a wet bar for yourself. Use shelves underneath the back counter to hold your drink mixtures and set aside some cash to purchase a temperature controlled fridge. The fridges help you prepare drinks at an optimal temperature, whether you prefer beer or wine! Need more help with the bar? Check this man cave bar post out!

How do I build a man cave shed?

Before you build a man cave shed, think about the area you live in. Somewhere that sees a lot of rain and storms needs both a firm foundation and an excellent roof. Your water table determines whether or not a basement proves feasible. Lastly, make sure your shed contains at least two exits in case of a fire. Once you know the building codes of your area, go to home depot and check out the price of your materials. Compare it with pre-made shed kits (which companies will ship to you), contractor costs, and so on. For plumbing and electricity, stick to professionals—if either thing messes up, it could ruin the whole man cave in one fell swoop!

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How do I turn a room into a man cave?

The base of your man cave makes no difference—the only thing that matters is how you shape the room into your own design. To make the leap from ‘regular room’ to ‘spectacular man cave,’ you need to focus on three principles. First, the room is exclusively for men. Second, the room performs a function that makes it the most useful to you in your living environment. Third, the room provides a sanctuary where you can forget about your worries, cares, work, or chores.

Of course all the amenities that go with a spectacular man cave really make it worth building, but these three principles represent the core of a man cave. As long as you fulfill those guidelines, you successfully transformed an ordinary space into a man cave!

Beyond Man Cave Answers

Of course, I hear all kinds of questions when offering assistance with building and designing man caves. Some questions ask for general information, while others really try to chip away at specifics. If these questions didn’t answer your own question, go ahead and leave a comment. Otherwise, search through TrueManCave to find all the answers you need—including how to set up a bar, how to create a game room, and how to pick decor! Ultimately, finding which questions to ask about your man cave and seeking out those answers provides a firm foundation on which you may build any kind of man cave project. So do your research, plan things out, and have fun building your own personal mantuary!

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