Man Cave Bar

October 19, 2017
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on April 8th, 2020)

Man Cave Bar

So you need a bar for your man cave. Building your own bar looks more expensive by the second, with the fancy cost of granite counters, a plumbing system, a stock of drinks, and custom construction slowly creeping upwards as you think of more additions. In the end, many men scrap the idea of a real man cave minibar and stick to the kitchen. Don’t be one of those men. Even for those without a penchant for construction, plenty of options exist for you! This post goes over all the essentials of a man cave bar and the thriftiest way to acquire them!

Man Cave Bar Ideas

Cave man bars all start with a basic need: the desire for easily accessible alcohol! But fitting it into your man cave proves difficult if you need to match a certain theme. Thankfully, man cave bar plans exist for all types of designs, and I help you here to match things perfectly. Four basic themes exist: rustic, modern, classic, and the awesome game room. For rustic man cave bar ideas, stick to wooden bar materials and avoid flashy neon signs. For everything else, try to match your materials to your shelves or stands. As long as you follow those rules in your man cave bar plans, the bar will turn out great!

Man Cave Minibar

To start with, let’s think of the counters. You find lots of premade counters online, and these ones rank pretty high on my list of favorites! I prefer wooden materials matched with stone—mostly because they look great and I easily clean them in the terrible event of a spill.

Black and Oak Finish Americana Bar

This little island bar looks great in modern cave setups, all thanks to its minimal and sleek design. It includes a foot rail, ensuring your guests a lot of comfort as they enjoy their drinks! Place it diagonally faced, relative to your TV, so that people easily watch the game while they drink.

Coaster Black Marble Top Bar in Brown Finish

This beautiful countertop matches the rustic look perfectly! It includes metal holders for a foot rail and three drawers in the back to store things. It stands 42 inches high and 60 inches wide—more than enough space for a minibar in your man cave!

Bar with Foot Rail in Merlot Cherry Finish

They make this large countertop and bar in multiple sizes, allowing you to use one that matches your height. The back serves as a storage area for drinks, glasses, coasters, dishes, and anything else you want for your drinking experience.

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center

I absolutely love this cooler because of its neat lighting. But, of course, looks matter less than function in these cases! It keeps things spectacularly cool, even with its transparent door, they made the door handle recessed, and it holds up to 120 cans!

Man Cave Barstools

With the important parts out of the way, let’s move on to actually sitting at the bar. Due to the tall nature of bar counters, you need to seek out barstools instead of regular chairs! No substitutes work, so avoid wasting your time looking for those. No one enjoys drinking with the table level to their head.

Winsome 29-Inch Square Leg Bar Stool

Winsome creates these simple stools in three different colors. I personally enjoy putting my feet on the rails under my seat, rather than in front of me, so I particularly like these chairs. On top of that, the walnut color looks amazing!

Augusta Bar Height Swivel Stool

Like the above chair, this seat contains a small leg rest at the bottom. Unlike the above chair, this one swivels. Every bar seat should swivel! Anyways, this one has a deal on their two pack set, just to save you a bit of cash.

Roundhill Furniture Swivel Bar Stool

This chair certainly sits at the top of the ‘cozy bar stool’ list. You adjust your chair to whatever height you require by harnessing the power of air! But in all seriousness, for people with back pain, consider purchasing a chair with air adjustment. They make it in blue, red, black, and a few other colors to easily match any man cave!

Man Cave Bar Accessories

With that, we put the essentials behind us. But what of the man cave decor? Right now your bar looks desolate, and indeed, the setup we talked about only makes up the bare bones of a good bar. A few accessories add the finishing touch to a good bar!

Primitives by Kathy Wood Box Sign

A simple sign for a simple premise. Alcohol loosens people up way more than any salad or organic vegetable treats. The man cave represents adventure and enjoyment—something that directly clashes with a conscientious diet. This sign says it all for you!

Log Liquor Dispenser

I love this liquor dispenser because it skips the whole ‘filling up the dispenser’ part of the process. On top of that, it looks awesome, and you easily remove even a half-filled bottle when you need to. Perfect for dispensing some good shots!

Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar

Sit this beautiful piece next to your sofa and open the lid whenever the conversation needs to ease up! On top of looking spectacular in classic and rustic man caves, it holds all the glassware you need for a good party. Add some ice to a space in the center to keep your drinks nice and frosty! For that extra touch, they even hand paint a fresco on the interior of the globe.

Best Man Cave Bar

The best man cave bar considers its guests first and foremost. Creating an excellent experience to everyone who drinks there ranks number one on the priority list. Whether you choose a nice premade countertop, construct your own setup, or simply use a table—the bar helps everyone and anyone relax in a space meant for just that. The bar represents a critical and almost necessary component of every man cave. So, what are you waiting for? Your man cave bar won’t build itself! Put on your work gloves, get out your tools, and start setting up for the best addition to your man cave yet!

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