Why Every Man Needs A Man Cave

July 19, 2017
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on March 26th, 2020)

Why Every Man Needs a Man Cave

It almost goes without saying that a man needs his own personal space. But wives and the rest of the family sometimes look on and wonder just why every man needs a man cave! Everyone needs a little alone time, but leaving the house for it proves counterproductive. This mantuary of sorts separates a man from the house and gives him quite a few benefits. If you’re a man reading this, wondering if it all pays off—then I promise, it does! Read on to find out some of the key advantages to building your own little man space close to your home.

Relax in the Man Cave

First and foremost, your cave represents a place to relax. When financial woes strike, business becomes overbearing, and drama sneaks its way into your life…then a man cave provides a safe man space to chill out and forget it all until you’re ready to work it out. The room lets you clear your head and matches your needs exactly. An avid reader builds a library into his wall, while a video game lover decks the room out into a veritable nerd cave. No matter the style or design a man chooses, the end goal is relaxation!

Why Every Man Needs a Man Cave 3

Feel Proud in the Man Cave

Men receive few opportunities to show off their craft. The typical masculine crafts—carpentry, smithing, autowork, and so on—show more utility than design. The work behind them goes unseen. By creating a cave, he makes something that he enjoys both for its utility and design. He stretches his abilities to their limits as he creates his own space. Switchboard-controlled light system? Let’s do it! What about a projector and 3D surround sound home theatre? It’s on! While our art stands out more for their usefulness than their aesthetic, making an entire room with your own hands shows off the diversity of your skill!

Host Guests in the Man Cave

As you read above, the man cave epitomizes both relaxation and pride. But, in order for some people to unleash the full potential of their man cave, they need to call over friends! After all, why build the ultimate nerd cave or home theatre if only you enjoy it? Invite friends over so they also enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Why Every Man Needs a Man Cave

Why Every Man Needs a Man Cave

In the end, every man cave shows a special side of the one who built it. A man simply walks in, sees the product of his labor, instantly relaxes, and ponders the idea of inviting friends over. The worries of business and finance fade away instantly as soon as he sits on his cozy man cave recliner. Every man—and every person, for that matter—needs a place to call sanctuary. Or, if you will, mantuary. A man cave provides this and lays close to the home, making it easily accessible. Ladies and gentlemen, if you find yourself on the edge of moving forward with a build project…then I implore you, dive in!

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