19 Things Every Man Cave Needs

January 5, 2018
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on May 28th, 2020)

19 Things Every Man Cave Needs

Trying to spruce up your mantuary? Check out these 19 things every man cave needs that make a bare-bones man cave into an amazing hang out space for just you or your friends! Honestly, everything on this list is practically mandatory! If you find something missing from your cave, fix it immediately! Go to Walmart, Amazon, antique stores, or even yard sales to round out your man cave. These essentials form the backbone of your man cave decor, so pick things that fit your theme carefully and branch out to the rest of your room from there.

Of course, if you find something you don’t want on this list, sub it out for something of a similar function. A vegetarian might want a mini grill for toast or sandwiches instead of a hot dog warmer, and so on and so forth. Without further ado, let’s check out the list and see what you need today!

Entrance Sign

Obviously, a sign helps others know what purpose the room functions. However, a man cave sign distinguishes it as a special place. The moment someone crosses the threshold into your cave, man cave rules take effect. The entrance sign separates it from the rest of the house and further establishes the concept of a mantuary. Without one, you find that people treat it as a normal game room or study room, rather than your own personal getaway. For more details on what makes signs so important in man caves, check here.


If your man cave functions well as a room of relaxation, you need to account for the amount of sleepiness that some good relaxation provides. A nice hammock provides a comfortable place for sleep without taking up too much space. In fact, some hammocks even fit into drawers while not in use, allowing you to instantly convert space into a sleep zone. Plus, anyone who visits will play in the hammock for at least thirty minutes, guaranteed.

Neon Signs

Once you step into the room, a simple man cave sign no longer cuts it. Decorative signs help define specific areas of the room, so use them to the best of your ability. Hang neon signs up by the bar or game space to improve the ambiance of the room. The soft glow of neon signs at night just feels perfect for a man cave!


Without a doubt, the bar defines the man cave experience. Whether you invite friends over or simply hog the room to yourself, keeping drinks at hand limits the amount of journeys to the kitchen, and therefore, the chance of surprise chores popping up! Even if you skip out on alcohol, a bar for sports drinks, fruit juices, or diet shakes makes it easier to hang out in the cave. I provide a little extra information on setting up a man cave bar on this page.

Big Screen TV

No matter what sort of person you are, a TV represents the core of every man cave. Spend most of your time gaming or watching the game? Connect your cables and go! Use the TV as a huge music visual simulator for your parties, hook up your computer to browse the internet in 4K glory, or grab your Roku to see the world’s best shows. A man cave without a TV is…well, little more than a primitive cave.

Stereo System

If you don’t already know it, surround sound helps you experience a movie or game in 3D. Combine a stereo system with your big screen to get the most out of your entertainment systems. The more speakers you put into your surround sound setup, the better—and it works great just for listening to music!

Game System

No room is complete without a game system. What type you pick depends on the type of man cave you want. For serious gamers, Playstation 4 or Xbox One X opens up a realm of genres to play with your friends. Unfortunately, most modern multiplayer games require more than one system. For party hosts, stick to Nintendo consoles. The Switch runs some interesting party games like 1-2-Switch and Snipperclips, while the Gamecube runs the classic Super Smash Bros Melee.

Pool Table & Poker Table

These two usually go hand-in-hand. If you like pool, then you like poker. Use a table cover to protect your pool table while you play cards on top. Lots of covers even include standard table designs that casinos use. Of course, the table also works for other types of card games, and even doubles as a party table once you put on a table cloth!

Arcade Machine/Pinball/Foosball Table

Using a Raspberry Pi to emulate games, arcade machines cost less than ever before. A little bit of woodwork combined with sticker printing turns any tablet into a bona fide arcade machine. The only tricky part is setting up the controllers, but with a little bit of internet tutorials, everything is possible. You can even make arcade cabinets for later console games like Grand Theft Auto or Super Mario 64! Pinball machines also bring out the nostalgia for retro or old school man caves. Check out more man cave gaming ideas here!


If you skipped the hammock, then go back to the top of the list and grab one. If you still hate the concept, then look into recliners. Man cave seating needs to serve a function, and for recliners, that function helps you to sleep whenever you want. Plus, they feel ridiculously comfortable. They make them in plenty of colors and even come in sports team varieties for those of us who love to focus on the game!

Bar Stools

For another form of functional seating, look no further than bar stools. For tall tables or counters, bar stools obviously work better than regular chairs. You can also scoot them around to wherever you need them, unlike heavy recliners or couches. Any man cave with a bar—which should be all of them—need bar stools for the man cave to fit the setting.


Whether or not you set up a bar, grill, stove, or burner in your mancave, a fridge helps keep you hydrated and full for your long gaming sessions or movie marathons. Grab a cold one whenever you need it or use it to store sports drinks and snacks. Mini fridges work fine for individual use, large fridges work best for men at the center of the party, and wine coolers suit men of class. Pick whichever you like! For huge beer lovers, look into keg-o-rators—refrigerated kegs that keeps your drink of choice at the perfect temperature!

Air Purifier

As silly as it seems, air purifiers vastly improve the feel of your man cave. Since we spend quite a lot of time in the cave, it ends up smelling a bit…well…manly when left unattended. Air purifiers filter out the sweaty smell without putting perfumes back into the air. Stepping into the cave gives you a breath of fresh air, rather than a lungful of musk. Your guests and family will appreciate it, too.

Wet Bar

A wet bar is just like a normal bar, but includes all of the plumbing and sinks required for putting together a good drink. Mix all kinds of drinks in the comfort of your own cave using a custom wet bar setup. Honestly, without a sink, a bar feels like little more than wine and beer storage. Go all out for your man cave if you want to make an impression with it! Grab some more tips on setting up your man cave bar here.

Ice Maker

Coupled with the fridge and wet bar, an ice maker rounds off the people-pleasing part of your man cave. Special shapes that fit the theme of your man cave add an extra oomph to the presentation of your room. Plus, it helps a ton when people prefer different temperatures for their drinks.


Welcome to the modern world, where we actually use the kitchen to…prepare food ourselves. A blender makes protein shakes, smoothies, salsa, and all sorts of things that help increase your quality of life without relying on your wife—who probably adds too much sugar to everything, anyways.

Dart Board

Plenty of people hate pool and poker, but no one passes up the chance to throw darts at a board. Even people who suck enjoy seeing how close they can land to the bull’s-eye. Practicing on your own also makes you look like a pro whenever the time arises. The plastic ones hurt your wallet less, while the professional ones last forever. Choose wisely!

Popcorn Maker

Nothing smells better than the scent of freshly popped kernels wafting through the room. Using your own popcorn maker not only keeps your popcorn fresh—it also allows for experimenting with different types of corn and seasoning.

Hot Dog Warmer

If your man cave doesn’t have an oven, use a hot dog warmer to cook your food. Naturally, hot dogs, bratwurst, and sausages all work best in the hot dog warmer, but it also serves other purposes. Depending on your style of hot dog cooker, you may also warm up buns and breads or use it to reheat burgers and other types of meat.

Ultimately, what you need in your man cave depends on who you are and how you want to represent yourself. If you plan on inviting over your bros for some game time, a lot of these things help you host them without stressing out. If you follow the path of a lone wolf, some of these items probably seem inconsequential. No matter what, you need most of these things in your cave—but if you feel one of them doesn’t suit you, then skip it. What matters is that your cave reflects who you are on the inside and fulfills everything you want from your own personal space. Feel free to experiment and learn just what sort of man you really are!

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