Man Cave Rules

July 27, 2017
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on March 7th, 2020)

Top 10 Man Cave Rules

For a man aspiring to receive a little alone time, a man cave rules sign or poster on the door helps everyone understand your needs. A list of mancave rules tells both family and guests where you set the limits in your lair. As you cave it up in your room, these rules form naturally over time. However—at least for aesthetic purposes—it helps to start out with a set of basic rules. Man cave rules form an integral part of both the design and purpose of your man cave, and today, we talk all about them!

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10 Rules of the Man Cave

These ten rules take care of the essentials of any mantuary. Anyone who says otherwise clearly knows nothing about the concept of man caves. Some of these form some funny man cave rules, but I promise, they all work in your favor.

  1. The room belongs to you and you alone.
  2. You choose all decorations and products. Of course, you also pay out of pocket if your wife doesn’t want to fund your dream room! It’s only natural that your effort equals your ownership.
  3. You choose what goes on the T.V. This means a ban on your least favorite shows, the presence of your preferred shows, and whether or not you choose to play games or watch football.
  4. The man cave always stays stocked with snacks. Just make sure not to pig out. Furthermore, eating, drinking, and smoking all happen whenever you deem it so!
  5. You choose your guests in your room. You kick out anyone that starts problems.
  6. Drama ends at the door. This includes relationship problems, religious dilemmas, and politics.
  7. The last of the beer goes to you, no exceptions.
  8. You do all the cleaning whenever you feel like it. Your territory, your hygiene rules!
  9. No one judges anyone else, even if you talk about loving some terrible chick flick or the prequel trilogy.
  10. Optional: Woman Cave Rules. Prohibit women from entering the cave. That sort of defines the man cave, anyways.
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Making Your Man Cave Rules Sign

A man cave rules metal sign looks spectacular, but proves difficult to create on your own. For do-it-yourselfers, try using wood signs and burning the text yourself. The tools to do so are fairly accessible and affordable. The burner works just like drawing with a pencil, except hotter. Way hotter. Artists hang around online and take custom commissions, including man cave signs, in all kinds of materials.

Purpose of Man Cave Rules

In the end, consider who ends up following these rules, and write them accordingly. A man cave with kids close by might want a ‘this tall to enter’ sign, while someone just looking for some peace and quiet could use a blanket ‘don’t come in unless you’re bleeding’ man cave rule sign. Rules exist to manage behavior, not to punish it. Steer away from ‘no emotions in the cave’ and consider ‘no drama in the cave’ instead. This helps both you and your guests feel at ease in your carefully constructed man cave!

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