Game Room Decor

August 31, 2017
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on March 28th, 2020)

Game Room Decor

Ah, yes, the wonderful world of gaming. As a place of relaxation and socialization, incorporating your favorite game pastimes into the room seems like a no-brainer. In fact, even without a central game theme, games complement an already solid room and make it the source of entertainment for you and your friends—and maybe your house, if you let your wife in sometimes! Game room decor changes the focal point from your coffee table or wall piece to the place of action: your TV, screen projection, or pool table. This little bit helps you figure out how to set up your decor to accommodate everyone perfectly while keeping your man cave personal!

Three major types of game room man caves exist, and I cover all of them here. First and foremost—and the one I personally like the most—I talk about setting up video game room decor. After that, I go over sports-centric game rooms and traditional game rooms that use a pool table and dart board as their focus.

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Video Game Room Decorating Ideas

Before jumping into game room furniture, let’s take a look at setting up everything you need. For both sports game rooms and electronic game rooms, a TV serves as the most essential piece in the room. In any case, the industry standard finally crept up to 4K HD, so grab a television that matches those specs.

Samsung UN55KU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

This one easily carries a crystal clear resolution and a 120hz refresh rate. It connects to wifi automatically and weighs relatively little. Dim the lights and you totally get into the game!

X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Vibrating Black Leather Foldable Video Gaming Chair

For comfortable solo seating during long raids, this chair provides all the support you need. Plus, it contains audio ports to make your wire management a little easier.

Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 3-Seat Reclining Black Leather Theater Seating Unit with Cup Holders

For team esports, on the other hand, hook everyone up with these. A few little quality of life changes makes the difference between a lackluster team and a team on the edge of their seats.

Prepac Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console

Mount your entertainment setup to display your consoles and games without ugly wires peeking out. Unless, of course, you tie those wires into your aesthetic.

For game room ideas on a budget, consider using emulators to run old school games. I recommend using Raspberry Pis as the base of any emulator, since those computers cost very little and run any classic game. After that, throw together a display case, set up the controller, and bam! You save a thousand dollars on an arcade machine.

Sports Game Room Decorating Ideas

For sports game room furniture ideas, everything should revolve around your TV. Obviously, your big game takes place on the screen, so think about the view from every part of your game room man cave. A couch across from the TV takes up the most space, but leave room for a lot of extra chairs or cushions for your friends to sit on. On top of that, keep a small coffee table in the center of the room (or something similar) to hold all the game day snacks.

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Furniture

For game room furniture, look no further than this couch. They make it in dozens of varieties, so pick out your favorite team and show your pride. Plus, anyone who hates your team will make endless jokes about sitting all over them. Don’t worry, though. Their jokes stop when your team starts smoking the competition!

Ashley Furniture Signature Design

This little coffee table hides extra seating for particularly big game days. Or, you know, when you need a foot rest!

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Nyx Sports Table Lamp

This little lamp provides a little extra light in the room—plus, it never glares on the TV! Use it to keep the room warm and happening.

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 5' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag

I absolutely love rocking out in giant bean bags, and this huge beauty comes at a fraction of the price of retail cozy cushions. Stuff it into a closet and bring it out for the princess in your group when the game starts.

Traditional Game Room Decorating Ideas

Now for the last type of gaming man cave—traditional! A man of high class knows entertainment comes from games of strategy and skill…and maybe a bit of alcohol. No other game room wall decor matches up to the traditional game mancave. The wall decor even counts as a game, if you play your cards right!

Trademark 12.75-Inch Pool Rack Quartz Clock with Solid Wood Frame

This clock keeps things nice and simple. Instead of throwing in a regular clock that clashes with your theme, use this to match your game room.

Game Room House Rules Metal Street Sign, Billiards, Poker, Darts, Gaming, Mancave, Den, Wall Décor

Trouble keeping players in check? Need some rules for the cave? This sign reminds everyone that your word is law in the man cave. It helps keep the sore losers in check!

Game Room Play Nice or Go Home Metal Sign, Poker, Billiards, Gaming, Mancave, Den, Wall Décor

Point over at this sign whenever a player starts complaining about bad luck or rigged games. The crisp color of this metal print looks great, plus its smooth style matches the theme of any game room mancave!

Of course, game rooms go past making space for a decor room. Game rooms need, first and foremost…games! For a billiards man cave or simply a man cave dedicated to traditional games, you want a few major elements. First, the pool table. Second, the dart board. Lastly, a really nice table to play poker at. Unlike other types of mancaves, seating style rarely matters, as long as you provide a place for people to sit their butt and play. If you need advice, though, go with a style that matches your game furniture, or simply some antique wooden chairs.

Winmau Blade IV Bristle Dartboard

I like this dart board the most because it takes a beating. It looks great, lasts for ages, and my darts rarely bounce out. It works with soft tip darts, if you prefer them, but they made it for steel tipped darts. Use the mounting bracket to hang it wherever you need!

Fat Cat Reno 7.5’ Pool Table

This smooth table matches any sort of rustic game room mancave. The cherry finish complements the red felt and the construction feels very sturdy. It includes the cues, billiard balls, triangle, and chalk you need to start playing right away.

Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 7’ Pockey Multi-Game Table

And now for something different! This table combines three different types of games—air hockey, billiards, and table tennis. When space presents a problem, stick to this for a variety of fun. The table flips between a felt cover or an air hockey cover, and a table tennis overlay keeps both materials safe from damage.

Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40-Inch Pool Table

Okay, sometimes people need to take care of their kids. And—heavens forbid—you need to do that in your man cave. But if the need arises, and you happen to enjoy playing billiards, then this small table helps you teach your little one how to play. Let them loose on this table while you play on the ‘grown up table.’

Trademark Texas Table Top Poker

To complete the room, this tabletop poker play mat quickly changes a regular table into a gaming scene. Instead of playing poker on a boring table top, play it like the pros do!

Picking Your Game Room Decor

Still looking for the right room decoration? Games like chess, checkers, Uno, and so on don’t fit the conventional sort of games, but they help losers keep their time occupied during the later rounds of poker. Lots TVs for various consoles help with multiplayer video games—or at least, the games made in the past five years—plus it allows for some fun time spent together, despite playing different games. A live ticker in your sports room shows the progress and standings of games from around the world. Game room decor occurs in all sorts of shapes and forms, so use these ideas as a base for creating an amazing game room man cave of your own!

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