14 Savvy Ways to Spend your Leftover Man Cave Budget

January 16, 2018
Robert Manziel

14 Savvy Ways to Spend your Leftover Man Cave Budget

Of course, saving extra money helps you out in the long run, but what if you already have enough in the bank and want to treat yourself? Let’s talk about 14 savvy ways to spend your leftover man cave budget and treat yourself for a change! With your biggest project—the man cave—all taken care of, the extra money in your pocket just begs to be spent. Before you dash to the nearest store and go on a spending spree, check out these different ideas that

14 Savvy Ways to Spend your Leftover Man Cave Budget 1

1) Snack Attack

Everyone loves snacks. With a brand new man cave to stock up, buy ingredients for charcuterie, nachos, sandwiches, homemade French fries, pizza, and so on! Throw some beer and soda into the cooler for good measure. Whenever you need a little snack, your fridge contains the solution. The rest of your family will also appreciate the sudden influx of treats. After all, with a lot of money going into the man cave, they might feel neglected! Treat both them and yourself with these delectable treats.

2) Books, Games, or Movies

Entertainment helps keep stress at bay, and when you know you can afford it, spending a little bit to treat yourself works wonders. Sit down with a favorite book and enter the realm of fiction. Or, if you prefer, step into a new game (or even game console!) and enjoy some multiplayer fun. Go out to that new movie you look forward to! More than anything else, keep your mind stimulated so that you may enjoy life to its fullest even as you work.

3) Machines

Since this covers quite a broad range of items, I want to specify what sort of machines I mean. The cost of tools eats at your wallet, especially when you need a lot of them. A real man knows that there are more tools out there than anyone can afford. So, using your leftover budget, think about the next essential tool to put in your shed. A fancy cordless power drill? A new circular saw? A leaf blower? Or maybe an Ohmmeter, for the electrically inclined? Whatever you choose, it will help you for years to come!

14 Savvy Ways to Spend your Leftover Man Cave Budget 2

4) Tickets to the Game

If you live in a small town, hop in the car and drive to the city. A game awaits you! Football, soccer, hockey, and baseball all provide hours of entertainment and relaxation for an affordable price. Use your extra money to spend a night out, grab as many snacks and t-shirts as you want, and pick your favorite seats in the house! A very savvy person’s wallet may even afford a season pass to your team of choice! A whole year (or more, depending on your team and sport of choice) of guaranteed game seats more than makes up for the cost.

5) Small Vacation

If you have the money for a vacation, then take it! But I don’t expect anyone savvy to have a monumental amount leftover. After all, your budget should match the actual price of your man cave as close as possible! While a cross-country vacation extravaganza pushes the limits of ‘extra’ cash, perhaps a small vacation works for you! Go to your nearest tourist spot—whether it’s a museum nearby, a historic park, or even just downtown. Whether you know the area or not, enjoy it as a brand new tourist. Forget about your worries and relax for the whole day! At the end, return home to your recently finished man cave to top off the day.

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Upgrade the House

As I previously mentioned, your family probably wishes some of your man cave money went to them instead of your own fancy room. Use any extra cash to appease them and upgrade parts of the house that they desire. Replacing an old microwave, buying new furniture for the living room, upgrading your TV, or installing a patio in the backyard all help even out the attention to your man cave and the attention to your house. Your family will appreciate it, that’s for certain!

A New Suit

Buy a sharp new suit to match your inner self. A custom tailored suit evokes both wealth and wisdom and shows everyone how accomplished you are. Furthermore, suits with a good fit just feel great to wear! Use your extra cash to improve your first impression on others and your appearance in the work place. Of course, outward appearance only goes so far to express your inner self. That’s why you make sure to match your savviness to your style before you put on the clothes!

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Nice Wine

Sometimes it helps to go back to the basics. Treat yourself with a bit of alcohol—but instead of going with regular beer, grab some wine and pour a glass for yourself! On top of that, never settle for your regular brands. Go out on a limb and try a fancy brand that caught your eye a few weeks ago and looked out of your price range on that day. Alternatively, grab a whole bunch of craft wine or locally made wine to round out your at-home selection. You never know when you might find a new favorite flavor!

Gym Membership

Your body and mind both benefit from a gym membership, and since I highly doubt you own a personal gym, why not use your extra money to invest in yourself? Depending on where you live and what you want, gym memberships range from highly affordable to incredibly expensive. To spend your money smartly, plan out a workout schedule and see which gyms accommodate you. In example, that huge gym down the street holds dozens of different types of machines and a whole pool, but if you only use weights and a treadmill, a mom-and-pop gym works better and costs much, much less.

Sign Up for a Class

While we’re discussing self-improvement, find a class for a hobby or skill you desire and pay in full! Sometimes a single class from a local college does the trick, but for labor skills, I greatly prefer learning from masters of the craft directly. Blacksmithing, woodworking, and masonry skills all passed from master to apprentice for hundreds of years, so why not dish out some extra dough to ensure you learn from a pro in the traditional way? It also helps you make friends and connections with similar people nearby.

New Haircut

Rather than going for your ten dollar trim, find a stylist in your area and try out something new! Too often we stick with the hair style we grow up with. It’s not like we’re ladies, after all—as long as it looks passable, we don’t need to worry about our hair. However, putting effort into looking sleek and stylish goes further towards making a good impression than a fancy suit! On top of that, it just feels great sporting a new look. A professional stylist ($40 and up) will identify which length, texture, color, and even sheen suits your hair best. They tell you how to take care of it and you leave their salon looking like you popped out of a magazine cologne ad.

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Set Up a Garden

No, don’t plant a flower patch. Part of maintaining your perfect yard involves tending to the plants as well. Look into what sort of trees grow in your area as well as what sort of plants flourish. In my area, herbs like thyme, cilantro, and mint grow like weeds. I always keep a small garden of them in the yard so that my home meals taste better than a restaurant. Certain types of plants use less water than grass, and as droughts affect more and more areas, planting these types of things really works in your favor. Of course, rock gardens also work to save water, and the stones regulate the temperature of your yard both day and night!

Get ‘Extras’ for your Man Cave

Do you really consider your man cave finished? Just because you checked off everything on your to-do list, don’t think you finished working on your man cave! Sometimes, we only realize the most essential part of our cave after we sit down and start using it. In example, a rustic basement man cave works great…but needs some serious air filters and dehumidifiers to prevent the room from smelling like soggy hay all the time. Those both cost a bit of cash. Use your man cave for at least a week before you call it done. In the meantime, every savvy man will keep the extra cash in his pocket for the moment he finds out what he missed!

14 Savvy Ways to Spend your Leftover Man Cave Budget 5

Donate to a Good Cause

Hands down, the best way to spend your hard-earned cash is to give it to those in need. If you truly see no way to improve your man cave with it and can live just fine without your extra cash, then consider giving it to a charitable organization of your choice that could really use the money. Starving children, homeless mothers, and even sick stray animals rely on people like us to support them in their time of need. You find them everywhere—both inside and outside the United States—and it’s up to us to help them.

If you don’t like giving to people, then perhaps causes suit you better. Conservancy groups, medical programs, mountain climbing clubs, and so on all could use the money. Treating yourself is great, but have you considered how to help others, since you already find yourself satisfied with what you have? While it probably won’t affect you—even in the long run—the feeling of helping others tops everything else on this list.

No matter how you spend your money, look at it as an opportunity to live the high life—even momentarily. Someone who used a conservative budget and still came out ahead deserves to keep a little bit to themselves. Now, indulge yourself, and remember to relax in your man cave once you finish!

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