What is the Best Man Cave?

February 27, 2018
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on April 8th, 2020)

What is the Best Man Cave?

The best man cave takes a lot of work to create. On top of all the back-breaking labor, fervent research, wallet abuse, and planning that goes into a man cave, you can’t quite guarantee it will be the best. What exactly goes into the best man cave? How can you manage to build your own life-changing mantuary that also does its job properly? Just what is the best man cave and what purpose does it serve? If you read my post about all the things a man cave needs but still feel like your man cave is lacking, see if any of these are the culprit. Keep on reading and I’m sure you’ll be absolutely surprised at what really goes into the best man caves out there. Let’s begin!

What is the Best Man Cave?

Perfect Location

The perfect location for a man cave is a space that’s rarely used. It should not be connected to the living room, for example. It needs to be distinct from the rest of the house. A small bedroom that no one uses, a garage, the basement, the attic, and a shed all make ideal candidates for the best man cave. I even go over how to convert a shed into a man cave on this page, and if you keep browsing around the site, I even give specifics for building your own backyard man cave. If you have very large and empty areas in your home, you can put in walls to make a separate space for yourself. Even if you live on your own, it’s important that you make your man cave separate from your living space. It’s not much of a cave if it’s open to the world.

If your man cave is already in a set position, don’t despair. Work on improving the distinction between inside and outside the cave. You can do this with signs, decor, different flooring, different paint, and…the perfect theme.

What is the Best Man Cave?

Perfect Theme

If you want to boast about having the best man cave in the world, then you’ll need to get a theme down for it. If you don’t get a theme together, your man cave will look like little more than organized storage (assuming you have a bunch of good stuff in there). By sticking to a theme, you make a huge impact on everyone that walks in. On top of that, your man cave truly feels distinct from the outside world. This different aura is what makes a man cave a true man cave.

The most loved theme out there is the rustic look—probably because it’s easy to DIY and still have it look good! Don’t forget that minimalism gives things a futuristic look while cutting down on costs, too. Sports, fandoms, and even a dedicated gaming theme helps tie your man cave together and make it the best one out there. If you're lacking ideas, maybe this post can help you out.

What is the Best Man Cave?

Perfect Value

A good man cave tests the limits of your wallet, but the best man cave goes a little further. It works within your means. A huge waterfall in the dining area and a contained fireplace in the center are amazing additions to a cave, but if you can’t afford them, then they also spell your doom. Any time you need to test your limits or take out loans, the stuff you get becomes associated with that debt. The best man cave comes with no such baggage. Go out of your way to DIY what you can to keep the cost down while the quality stays up. Even constructing a shed from the ground up could save you money in the long run--and I talk about how to do that right here. You are always capable of adding more to your cave later. Focus on what is best for you now. Find the perfect value for your best man cave!

What is the Best Man Cave?

So, What is the Best Man Cave?

The best man cave has everything you need to relax. It serves as a safe haven from the outside world, a place to weather out storms in peace, and a place to have fun regardless of the goings-on outside. It can be your own secret place or a meeting area for all of your friends. A man cave can even be a testament to your favorite fandoms or interests or a dedicated workshop that keeps your home tidy as you throw sawdust or paint everywhere. The common point between all of these man caves is that they reflect the man that lives inside them. The best man cave is one you can call your second home. There’s nothing simpler than that!

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