Making the Most Out of Two Story Sheds

April 5, 2018
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on March 4th, 2020)

Making the Most Out of Two Story Sheds

When you think about building your own man cave, you might forget about the possibility of a two story shed! Two stories maximize the amount of square feet you squeeze into your shed, which is especially useful when yard space is limited. With what’s essentially double the space, you can greatly increase the amount of things you cram into your cave. Plus, there are a few things only possible with a two story man cave! Today, let’s talk all about two story sheds and how to make the most of them as a man cave. Make sure to check out my other man cave shed article, while you’re at it!

2 Story Sheds to Live In

In order to make the most out of your two story sheds, think about cool features that take up two stories. In example, I see a lot of men who put in a fire pole for…well, whatever they want to use it for. Usually sliding from the second floor to the first. Other awesome two story features include a large aquarium, waterfalls, an actual cavern aesthetic, and even a giant ant farm. Go wild thinking of how to convert this shed into a man cave to live in!

Of course, all the normal man cave shed rules apply to a two story shed. You can my post on making sheds livable (and fun) here. One of the key advantages of a shed man cave is a clear division between your cave and your home. Thanks to this division, the man cave truly feels like a mantuary.

Two Story Shed Plans

Unless you already have a plus size garage or a two story shed laying around, making your ideal two story shed will take planning. To be specific, professional planning. If you’re an architect, make sure you check and double check your plan before carrying through with construction. If you’re not an architect, look into pre-made two story shed blueprints and construction plans. Plenty of them are out there for a low price or even free. I prefer MyShedPlans, but to each their own! Finding a plan is the very first step of making your man cave, so you want to take your time picking out the best design for you.

Building a Two Story Man Cave on a Budget

Once you have a working plan, start looking for all the necessary materials. For wood, skip Home Depot or Lowes and go to your local lumber yard. Oftentimes, local yards will cut it for you in the size you need, while still offering a better price! It also helps to support local businesses. And, to further drive the point home, local lumber has a much better quality than the stuff you get from typical home and garden stores.

While shopping on a budget, check local antique shops and scour the neighborhoods for yard sales. You can also go to furniture stores, check out what works for you, and then order the stuff on the net when you get home for a cheaper price. For more details on making a man cave shed on a budget, check out my post here.

Two Story Shed Man Caves

Once you  secure your shed, it’s time to decorate! Beyond the wild ideas I gave you before, I want to focus on some foundational basics. First, is your second floor visible from your first? A loft-type setup gives you a perfect excuse to use two separate themes in your man cave. On top of that, it’s much easier to set up a projection system and surround sound system when you don’t need to use a ladder to do everything.

If your cave is separated completely between floors, then make sure you separate their functions. You should spend an equal amount of time in both of them. An easy way to do this is to put your entertainment setup on the top floor and your food and snacks—with basic entertainment—on the bottom floor. Your stairs also form a critical part of a two-story man cave shed. Make sure to decorate that area and make it match the rest of the cave.

How Will you Use Your Two Story Shed?

So, how do you plan on using your shed? Will you create an actual cave system, complete with waterfalls and a little greenery? Perhaps you’ll put your video games on the second floor and your sports stuff on the first. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy both floors as much as possible. A two story shed is an awesome thing to have, so use a man cave to make the most of your awesome home extension!

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