Storage Building Kits

July 25, 2018
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on February 22nd, 2020)

Storage Building Kits

Building storage sheds takes a lot of time, effort, and man power. Sometimes, working men just don’t have the time to spare to make all of that. Add on the cost of contractors to do it for you, and your backyard man cave shed starts looking like a pipe dream. Thankfully, there are lots of places that sell storage building kits to make your dream come true in an efficient and affordable manner.

Today, let’s talk all about how to use DIY shed kits, select the perfect kit for you, and build your wood shed kit. There are plenty of things you need to worry about while building your own shed, but this article walks you through all of it! Let’s get started.

Do You Need a Storage Building Kit?

Before we get into the dirty details about storage building kits and how it all relates to man caves, let’s step back and see if you even need a storage building kit. Without a doubt, if you reached this page, you need a storage shed. Whether you make a large one to house a man cave or a small one to house the stuff that can’t make it into the cave, a shed is an excellent thing to build, and a kit is a great way to get it done. However, they can be pricey.

When looking at the price range of building a shed, storage building kits sit somewhere in the middle. Using a shed plan, gathering the materials yourself, and building it by hand is the least expensive option. You may not know that shed plans are cheap and easily available to anyone who needs them. They also make it pretty easy to build according to city or county specifications, so consider them carefully.

If building isn’t your thing, there are still other options. First, you can have a contractor do it for you, according to the plan you set out for them. Contractors can even put together a kit for you, although that would be unnecessarily expensive. Second, you can buy a pre-built shed. It seems crazy, but it’s totally possible. You’d be amazed at what can fit on a road and ship to your door.

If you still want a big hand in building your shed, but can’t find the time to construct it from scratch, then congratulations. Storage building kits are the perfect fit for you! Now let’s talk details.

DIY Shed Kits

There are several different types of shed kit out there, and you still need to find the one that suits your needs. For larger sheds (which work better for a man cave), you will need to do a tiny amount of building. The walls come in large panels, but you will still need to put the basic frame together. Simple instructions help you through this and it goes by in a breeze. Once the frame is done, you secure the wall and roof panels. Many large shed kits also encourage you to make a foundation and even include parts for it.

For smaller storage shed kits, the entire thing is just putting together large pieces. The supports are built into the walls and you simply need to nail them together. It feels much like building a very large puzzle with less than ten pieces. Compared to building a shed from scratch, these DIY shed kits go up much faster and certainly save you a lot of sweat.

The cheap ones do not include paneling or roof tiles, so take note of that before you purchase and see if the extra cost and effort is worth it to you. At the same time, this allows you to customize your shed with a unique exterior. Stone walls and terracotta roof tiles set it apart from all the storage sheds in your area and make it look like a home. Or, at the very least, the entrance to a very cool man cave.

Wood Shed Kits

Once you have your wood storage shed built, it’s time to make the interior livable! If you found this blog post because you genuinely want to build a storage shed—and don’t care in the least bit about man caves—then you can skip this whole section (but at least read about why you need a man cave). For everyone else, let’s start making this place manageable!

Have an electrician run wires through it so you can install a TV or other electronics. If you want to put in a bar, small kitchen, or bathroom, then set up some pipes through a plumber or by your own effort. If you understand plumbing, you can usually make a safe setup, but working with electricity requires experts. Lastly, if  you live in a particularly hot area, consider throwing in an AC unit. In very cold areas, insulation is a must, but a shed keeps things at a normal temperature without modifications during winter for most places south of Canada.

Use carpet, tile, or wood panels to make the floor more comfortable. You can hang flags and signs up directly onto the rough wall, but I find that encourages bugs and pests to move in. I encourage you to cover it with actual drywall if you spend a lot of time in there. For the ceiling, it’s fine to leave it open. It makes the man cave feel spacious and helps you install things in the roof down the line. For more tips on setting up a man cave in your new storage shed, check out this article.

Finding Shed Kits for Sale

There are several different ways to find a shed kit that’s right for you. First, figure out what style and material you want. Wood sheds with simple double doors are the most popular, but don’t overlook different styles! Many shed kit designs choose to use the long side of the shed for its entrance, along with a few windows, to emulate the appearance of a small home. Still more designs incorporate two stories, large ceilings, multiple entrances, and non-traditional shapes.

Some shed kits even use unique materials to elicit a very modern look. What serves as a storage shed will look like an amazing modern and minimal building on the outside! A metal exterior looks spectacular and they’re well-suited for a man cave. Vertical or horizontal side paneling dramatically changes the appearance of your storage shed. There are a huge amount of roof tiles and styles you can choose from as well.

Speaking of customization, a few storage building kits only include the bare minimum. While this might seem disadvantageous—after all, you need to apply the side paneling, foundation, and roof tiles yourself—this actually proves to be a huge bonus to a few hard working men out there. It not only drives down the cost of your storage building kit, but it also allows you to pick whatever appearance you want for your shed! You could even use stone or brick for the exterior. No one will know it was built from a kit! You can refer to some easily available shed plans for some inspiration on how to make your shed unique.

Completely DIY Storage Building Kits

It’s also worth mentioning that a few places sell the bare minimum for storage building kits. These kits only contain the materials for making your shed happen. You build everything from scratch, but they spare you the hassle of finding materials all on your own. When finding good wood is expensive—and difficult in remote locations—not to mention the equipment needed to actually cut the wood into proper dimensions, these bare minimum kits are a life saver.

They work great for the DIY man who just doesn’t have the time to go shopping around. A few places even let you send in some storage building kit plans and make everything according to your specifications. You may have to find the glass for your windows on your own, though. Furthermore, some essentials like exterior panels and roof tiles may not be included.

Regulations to Consider While Looking

I talk about county and city regulations in detail in another blog post, but I want to mention the basics of building codes here so that you don’t have to spend forever clicking through other pages to learn what you need. Here are some common city, county, and neighborhood regulations to consider while you pick out and place your storage shed:

  • Location (distance from house, visibility from road, etc.)
  • Insulation, Air Circulation, and other livability stuff
  • Size limits
  • Approved shed plan that confirms its integrity and stability
  • Specified foundations to plan for disasters
  • Materials used (wood, steel, etc.)
  • Colors
  • Purpose
  • Security

Where to Buy Storage Building Kits

Most people purchase their storage building kits from home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Their online selection generally has a better price than their in-store products (plus, way more options to browse through). The only disadvantage of buying from chain stores like that is the chance of receiving wood of poor quality. While they have a better system for returns, it’s still annoying to replace any pieces that they send with minor defects and such.

Buying straight from the companies that sell the storage building kits is cheaper with all the same advantages of customer service. Because these kits undergo less shipping across the world, they are also less likely to arrive with nicks or scratches. Another big issue for kits is the chance of bent or warped panels. That’s annoying to correct, if correction is even possible for your chosen material.

Lastly, sending in wood specifications according to a shed plan to your local lumber yard is guaranteed to get you some high-quality wood. However, you need to do the measurements an inventory yourself to make sure no one screwed up on the job. Mistakes happen. This is also the cheapest way to get your kit, although obviously, you have to work harder because nothing is set up in panels for you.

Make sure you know all of the regulations before you put down your shed so that you save yourself a huge hassle down the road. Find a shed that matches your personal aesthetic, the local building regulations, and the amount of work that you want to put into your build.

What to Do With Storage Building Kits

Now that you know how to procure the perfect storage building kits for your personal tastes, it’s time to put that knowledge to work! Get your backyard set up and prepare for a shed of your own. Use the rest of the site to learn how to convert a shed into a man cave and you’ll have a stunning setup in no time.

Above all, remember to build this like a man. Plan your shed effectively to minimize the building time you need. Don’t cut corners. Ensure everything is safe—properly piped, wired, and insulated according to your needs. As long as you follow these instructions, you can proudly show off your new shed, and no one will be the wiser about how you used a kit to build it!

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