Should Your Lady Have Access To Your Man Cave

August 3, 2017
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on March 26th, 2020)

Should Your Lady Have Access to Your Man Cave?

I know what you’re thinking. A man cave is a man cave—no lady should ever walk in. However, to many people, a man cave serves as more than an area of separation. For those who invite over guests frequently, of course a lady should access your man cave. But what about men who need their space? Should your lady have access to your man cave? Here are some good reasons to keep the lady out!

Man Caves Save Marriages

Imagine this scenario. A wife and husband get into a huge shouting match. Neither of them keeps a private section of the house, so they tiptoe around each other for the rest of the day, adding to the tension. A man cave keeps that anxiety away by designating a private place for a man to cool his head and relax. On top of that, many arguments start because of close proximity—so, giving both people time and space to themselves helps improve relationships! Spending time together feels more valuable and draws you together.

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How Long Does a Man Need to Stay in His Cave?

Of course, holing up in the man cave forms a different story entirely. If your wife worries that her husband spends too much time in man cave, then reassess the time you spend in there. If a man goes into his cave after an argument, it appears that he holds no interest in addressing the issue. Furthermore, any time your wife looks for help with ‘how to get a man out of his cave,’ you know you spend too much time in there.

Generally, if your friends can enter the room, then she should have access as well! If you forbid your lady from entering, then make sure you never use your cave to chill after arguments, avoid your lady, or separate your lady from your friends (unless she requests it). Instead, set time aside to make her feel special. Remember, your lady matters more than your cave!

Woman Cave Room Ideas

Do you ever find your wife wondering aloud, ‘Why do guys want a man cave?’ Simply put, some people struggle to understand the concept of personal space. I find that extroverts show difficulty in understanding these sorts of boundaries. The solution? A lady cave—also called a babe cave—helps keep your woman content in her own space. After she looks at pictures of woman caves, maybe she will open her eyes to the truth! For young mothers everywhere, mom cave decorating ideas incorporate both a nursery and a woman’s needs into one room.

Should Your Lady Have Access to Your Man Cave?

In the end, decide how you use your space. Did you build your man cave to show off your talent and host guests? Then, of course your lady should have access to your man cave! On the other hand, a room built for solitary peace exists purely for you, and your lady needs to respect that. As long as you respect your ladies wishes outside of the cave and maintain a healthy relationship, don’t worry about whether or not the lady goes in the cave. Instead, focus on relaxing and enjoying your man space!

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