Man Cave Gifts

September 28, 2017
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on March 30th, 2020)

Just The Best Man Cave Gifts

Most of us fill in the essentials of their cave immediately, and that includes putting in a fridge, TV, couch, chairs, and shelving. People struggle to look for gifts beyond these items because the remaining holes in man cave decor prove a little abstract. To make thinking of man cave gift ideas a little easier, I compiled this list of the typical extra things a man cave needs. Use these guidelines or take these suggestions to make finding your man cave gifts a cinch!

Man Cave Gifts for Dad

To start with, most man caves center around the Dad. The Dad, capitalized here because he rules his man cave, enjoys bragging about all his stuff. And indeed, his man cave stuff ranges from neat to practical to…a little strange. Basically, finding something he likes takes incredible luck, because the Dad never sticks to a theme.

For All Real Men Making Their Own Man Cave Rules

So, we address that by avoiding trinkets or gadgets entirely for the Dad! This shirt ensures he shows his pride both inside and outside the cave.

Man Cave Enter At Your Own Risk Metal Door Sign

As far as man cave stuff, a sign goes a long way to making a room feel like a real man cave. Plus, it ranks very high on the list of cool things to have in a man cave! Even if they already own a similar sign, more works better in these cases. Feel free to grab any kind of sign for him!

Two's Company Nose Eyeglass Holder in Gift Box

And now an abstract gift for the Dad. This mannequin looks ridiculous, with its realistic nose and pursed wooden lips. By no means a serious gift, grab this for a laugh for any Dad with glasses.

Cool Coaster 6 Piece Set

For a drinker, use these professional-looking coasters to appeal to the Dad’s absolute desire to keep furniture pristine. Seriously, who cares about a little scratch? Apparently, him. It also comes with two tumblers and some whiskey stones.

Ultimate Man Cave Accessories

Man cave accessories come in all shapes and sizes, but only one is destined for your friend’s man cave. To make something a permanent accessory, you need to think big. What would they enjoy now, that they would continue to enjoy for years? These two man cave items last for ages and give your man an essential feature for his cave!

Personalized Name Man Cave Wall Decal

Firstly, a large personal decal takes up a good portion of the wall. This helps with decorating new rooms—which usually lack a lot of the decor a man cave needs—and establishes exactly who runs the man cave.

Brew-Opoly Monopoly Game by Late For The Sky

You don’t really need to read more than the name to know this belongs in every man space in the world. Up to six people can play, and beer cans and barrels replace some of the classic features of the game. It arrives with normal rules or a one-hour version. Of course, feel free to make up some drinking rules to make the game even more fun!

Cool Gadgets for your Man Cave

And now, let’s talk about cool gadgets! Gifts for guys go beyond tools or games. A practical gift shows your man that you both think highly of him and want to bring joy to his life. These four gifts represent different types of man cave gadgets and games. Think about the sorts of gadgets your man would want in his life!

Liquor Dispenser, Log Liquor Dispenser

When someone says ‘patent pending,’ you know you have something impressive on your hands. This dispenser takes basically no setup. Use any bottle and instantly use the dispenser. It works for wine as well! As a bonus, you can actually remove unfinished bottles to save for later, if you so desire.

NFL Vinyl Covered Long Neck Bottle Opener

For game rooms, this custom bottle opener adds a little bit of flair to the room. Varieties exist for each NFL team—check them all out for yourself! I only included a few of them in the image. On top of matching their game room, it forces any disagreeable guests to rely on the opposing team’s help for opening their beer!

Mainstreet Classics Micro Cornhole Set

For more traditional game rooms, a little cornhole fits right in. Easily store it in a shelf or behind furniture and pull it out for a good time! Adding some drinking rules to the game makes it extra fun. It also keeps kids entertained, if he needs something to distract his kids during his man time!

Mini Pong - Bring The Party Anywhere Game

It might be small, but it’s just as fun! Give this game to a friend for a crazy night! This sort of goes without saying, but make sure your friend is actually a man, and not a minor.

Best Man Cave Gifts

For a man cave gift idea, nothing works better than something meant from the heart. All cool man cave stuff starts with a little idea that grows to fit the room and define its appearance. Both little things and big things make a difference in the room. Since men spend a lot of time within their mantuary, their eyes tend to idle around the room while relaxing, marveling at their finished cave. That little gift you give them adds one more thing for him to take pride in!

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