Man Cave and Chill

July 24, 2019
Robert Manziel

(Last modified on March 22nd, 2020)

Man Cave and Chill

Yes, you can use man cave like a verb, just like Netflix. You can also use it as an excuse to ‘chill’ with someone else. As you already know from reading this article, a true man cave is somewhere you can relax all on your own. However sometimes man caves are about more than accommodating your needs. Well, that’s not quite right—sometimes it’s about more than accommodating your solitary needs. As anyone with a good entertainment setup knows, there are some huge benefits to designing the room around the needs of others. You come first, but that doesn’t mean you need to forget about others entirely. Where am I getting with this? Well, here’s the thing. If you want to man cave and chill, you need to set up the room just right. Let’s talk about how.

Making the Dream a Reality

In case you don’t know about the meme, ‘Netflix and chill’ is a term for casually inviting someone over for an intimate evening. When I say ‘man cave and chill,’ I’m talking about how to use your man cave to make that happen for you. No Netflix required, but a sweet surround sound theater with a huge selection certainly doesn’t hurt. I’m not here to give you love advice or anything. All I’m going to go over is how you can setup a room to attract others and how you can use the room to set the mood when you do have a potential lover under the same roof. For decor as a whole, you'll want to read my tutorial on decorating your man cave.

Catering to a Lover

Like I said before, I’m not going to give you love advice or anything. Depending on who you chase, there is just way too much variety between people to give blanket advice like that. Either invite someone who you’re nearly intimate with or invite someone looking for casual fun. The way you set up the man cave makes the invite even more tempting. Getting them to consider going home with you is a big step in earning their trust, after all.

The term ‘Netflix and chill’ isn’t exactly a coincidence. Inviting someone over to see a movie is a great excuse to bring them home. It’s also much more subtle than asking if they want to have a fun time. Get a good entertainment system set up. Put together a functional ‘theater mode’ for your man cave. Even on your own, it’s fun to switch the mood of your favorite place with the flick of a switch. If you need to know how to spruce up your man cave quickly, look no further than this article.

Before they get to your place, you need to meet several secret expectations so they don’t immediately walk out the door or end up with a ‘family emergency.’ First, make the room smell nice. It should not smell like funk. Wash your sheets and pillow cases a day before a visit—and, barring the ability to plan ahead, at least once per week. Your home should be as clean as it smells. Make sure soap is available in the bathroom along with a lidded trashcan. Plants and greenery is a sign that you have some sense of responsibility. All of your posters and pictures should be properly framed so that you don’t look like a college student.

Courtship in the Cavern

At the same time, you need to temper your own expectations. The first rule of any relationship—casual or not—is to respect the other person’s desires. Maybe they did just come over to check out the pool table and had no intentions on making anything else happen. In that case, just let it go. There are more people out there, and they certainly don’t owe you anything for visiting.

Use low, warm lighting to make the room feel comfortable. Have a huge variety of drinks and snacks available. It’s very important that none of the drinks are opened before your guest gets there. While it’s a bit manipulative, go ahead and turn the AC down to freezing. That’s one way to get someone in the mood to cuddle. If the mood does start getting intense, consider taking it out of the cave and into a bedroom.

Why Man Cave and Chill?

If these tips came off as shallow to you, that’s because they are. Intimacy is something that takes more than an ideal man cave setup to pull off. You need charisma, a character that meshes well with theirs, and a bit of stuff in common before you can become intimate with anyone. However, if you’re on the playing field just for casual encounters, then man cave and chill is an excellent plan to go with. Invite someone over to enjoy all the great amenities you set up and then finish it off with a ‘chill’ time. It’s unconventional, but still a possible use for a true man cave.

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