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Making the Most Out of Two Story Sheds

Making the Most Out of Two Story Sheds When you think about building your own man cave, you might forget about the possibility of a two story shed! Two stories maximize the amount of square feet you squeeze into your shed, which is especially useful when yard space is limited. With what’s essentially double the […]

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Cost to Build a Shed

Cost to Build a Shed Right now, the cost of a shed varies dramatically depending on your location. Typically, you’re looking at between $500-$7,000 dollars, with an average of about $3,000 dollars. What is with that huge difference? Well, today I want to dissect the prices of building a shed, along with how much you […]

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How to Convert a Shed into a Man Cave

How to Convert a Shed into a Man Cave If you find yourself without a lot of space in the house, but plenty of space in your backyard shed, then perhaps it’s time for you to consider how to convert a shed into a man cave! Skip the man cave shed kit and convert the […]

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The Best Man Cave Shed Ideas

Tired of intruders in your personal space? Move your man cave out of reach and outside—and I mean that literally! The best man cave shed ideas work around the unique bonuses of a shed. Windows offer an incredible amount of lighting compared to other locations, and a scenic backyard view adds to it. Plus, no […]

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