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Cost to Build a Shed

Cost to Build a Shed Right now, the cost of a shed varies dramatically depending on your location. Typically, you’re looking at between $500-$7,000 dollars, with an average of about $3,000 dollars. What is with that huge difference? Well, today I want to dissect the prices of building a shed, along with how much you […]

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How to Convert a Shed into a Man Cave

How to Convert a Shed into a Man Cave If you find yourself without a lot of space in the house, but plenty of space in your backyard shed, then perhaps it’s time for you to consider how to convert a shed into a man cave! Skip the man cave shed kit and convert the […]

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The Best Man Cave Shed Ideas

Tired of intruders in your personal space? Move your man cave out of reach and outside—and I mean that literally! The best man cave shed ideas work around the unique bonuses of a shed. Windows offer an incredible amount of lighting compared to other locations, and a scenic backyard view adds to it. Plus, no […]

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