What is a house wrap for a shed, and do you need it? If you find yourself asking ‘Do I need a house wrap for a shed,’ then chances are that you know about it and need it. For everyone else that simply reads the site and plans on building a shed, then perhaps you’d be interested in learning about this easy way to protect your man cave shed from the elements. This is an aspect of shed building that’s rarely talked about, even though it’s critical to making your shed last for years. If you skip a house wrap for your shed, then you can expect to replace a lot of rotting wood in just two or three years. There are many simple ways to create a house wrap and many types to choose from, so sit back and learn which one you need!

Benefits of a House Wrap

A house wrap is a simple layer of insulation that creates a barrier from the weather and temperature outside the shed. For places with high humidity, fluctuating temperatures, frequent rain, or pests, then a house wrap is almost essential. The only time you don’t want a house wrap is if this is a temporary structure or completely weather-proof on its own. It’s often cheaper to install a house wrap than weather-proof the exterior of your shed, so this is usually the best option for people that want a long-lasting shed for their man cave or otherwise.

Before you grab for that Tuff Shed house wrap, learn what benefits the house wrap has. First, it prevents humidity from penetrating the interior of your shed. Even if you don’t have electronics, carpets, or other humidity-sensitive objects, high humidity can still lead to molding and rot on any of the wood structure. That’s super expensive to replace, so of course you can see the benefit of a house wrap preventing that. Along with its mold-fighting properties, it keeps the temperature inside your shed nice and steady. It is essentially a type of insulation that keeps the shed comfortable in all types of weather. Your shed will still need circulation in the form of a small vent, windows, and (of course) doors, but the insulation will keep your shed from turning into a freezer or an oven.

Do I Need a Vapor Barrier in my Shed?

Do you need a moisture barrier for shed walls? Generally, yes! You always need to weatherproof your shed in some way. If you don’t have pressure-treated wood prepared to weather the storms as your building material, then start looking for a vapor barrier. Keep in mind that ‘house wrap’ is not synonymous with ‘vapor barrier.’ Check the product you are buying carefully to make sure it meets your needs. Almost all house wraps are water-resistant, so you might be able to get away with any house wrap in areas with little rain.

As I mentioned before, you absolutely need some way to keep out humidity. The danger of humidity goes unseen for a long time. Mold can grow in between the siding and your interior, and you’ll only notice it as the wood and walls become discolored. Yikes! By that time, you’ll need to replace portions of the wall entirely. That’s a huge cost that could have been avoided by simply nailing a house wrap under the siding. Don’t skip the water-resistant barriers!

Is it Really Necessary for Me?

You know you need a house wrap when you live in a zone with fluctuating weather. As discussed in the last part, rain is a big part of it, but you also have to consider temperature. On top of that, you need to take care when adding your siding to the home because of temperature. Due to changes in temperature, the materials of your home expand and contract, and the siding appreciates a little bit of leeway after you install the house wrap. Just enough to let it expand will do.

Anyways, what does temperature have to do with it? A house wrap is quite literally insulation. It keeps your shed safe from rain, sure, but it also keeps your temperature stable. When it’s sweltering hot outside, you can hop into the shed without it feeling like an oven. Similarly, you can navigate it in the winter without freezing off your fingers. If you plan to add air conditioning to the shed, the house wrap is even more essential. It prevents your cold air from leaking out quickly.. Your home still has plenty of ventilation, even with a house wrap covering it. The windows and door gaps provide enough, even when they’re closed, but a vent at the top of the shed helps as well. The only disadvantage of a house wrap is its initial cost and installation time.

Because weather is constantly changing and I can’t think of a single place with perfect weather, chances are that you need a house wrap! It’s absolutely necessary for your shed.

How Long does a House Wrap Last?

If you’re looking for the best wrap for a shed, there are a few things to consider. The first of this is how long it lasts. Even if it’s perfect for keeping out things, it might wear down quickly. In fact, completely exposed house wraps are a cause for concern for many homeowners! How long can house wrap be exposed before you cover it? The first factor in how long it lasts is how water resistant it is. Most house wraps are spectacular at keeping out water, and combined with heat, they still don’t take a hit. However, they have trouble fighting against the UV rays of the sun. Manufacturers account for construction delays, so they’re not totally defenseless, but the UV rays gradually break down the structure of the house wrap.

Ultimately, a house wrap can be exposed for four months. High-quality house wraps can last up to 9 months and specialized house wraps last up to a year. If you don’t know the length of time your house wrap can withstand the elements, simply assume four months and finish your siding before then. Wind can tear at expose house wraps, especially during storms, and dirt can accrue on them. Whatever you decide to do, keep your construction project on a tight schedule. Delaying costs you materials in the long run and reinstalling a house wrap is a pain.

So, You Need that House Wrap?

Yes. Yes, you do need a house wrap for a shed. Since there is no place in the world that has perfect humidity, 70*F temperatures, partly cloudy days, and no mold spores, put that house wrap on your shed as soon as you can. It’s practically mandatory if you plan on spending time in that shed. Hopefully this helped you answer the question ‘Do I need a house wrap for a shed.’ If you have any further questions, feel free to comment down below! I am always eager to answer questions about building projects, man caves, and everything in between.

Benefits of a Man Cave

Are you trying to convince your spouse to let you have a man cave? Are you a spouse, wondering what the big deal is? Perhaps you already own a man cave, and you need to know its full potential. Whatever the case, the benefits of a man cave are endless, and I’m glad to show them off. Check out the four major benefits of a man cave (reduced from infinite because I am only human) in my post below. Get a checklist out and make sure you consider each and every one for your man cave.

Man Caves Ideas

For all types of man caves, these four benefits lay at their core: Relaxation, pride, social accomplishment, and utility. The typical man cave features all these things, even if its theme differs from the norm. Use these man cave ideas to help you highlight these awesome benefits.

1) Relaxation

Stress, depression, anxiety, and all other high-tension maladies are on the rise. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, finding a place to relax should be a priority for you. Many people think that men are emotionless robots, but we need a break sometimes. The man cave provides that for us.

Every man relaxes differently, which means every man cave looks different. Some men take a nap on the couch with the sound of TV going in the background. Others enjoy playing some games or browsing the net. Books are an excellent way to pass the time and they keep the mind engaged. Whatever way a man chooses, he benefits greatly from a designated place to relax.

Mental association is very important when relaxing. You probably know not to browse your phone in bed. By doing so, you lose the association with sleep that your bed has, and end up restless in the long run. Similarly, when a man associates relaxation with his cave, it’s very easy to drop the stress when they walk through the door.

2) Collections, Hobbies, and Pride

My dad loves collecting those Star Wars Funko Pop! Things. They are small, simplified character representations of all the characters you can imagine. Unfortunately, he ran out of space to display them very fast. It also seemed strange to guests when they walked into his house and saw the figurines perched on top of the bookshelves, cabinets, wall shelves, and so on. When he finished up his man cave, he finally had a spot to put those. No longer did the Pop! figures invade the home. His wife breathed a sigh of relief and he proudly placed them in their own special display.

Since a man has complete domain over the decor of his man cave, he can stretch those creative muscles and show off things that are normally ‘unacceptable’ in the rest of the household. Big, gaudy head mounts from his hunting ventures can go up on the walls without anyone to say otherwise. If he wants a couch with an X-Wing Starfighter pattern, then that’s within his power. He can display all his accomplishments in one spot and take pride in his life’s work without judgement. Usually, these things look out of place in the rest of the home, so the dedicated spot is an amazing benefit.

3) Social Accomplishment

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge party person. My social accomplishments include having a handful of close friends and a couple dozen acquaintances that I interact with frequently. I like to consider them diamonds in the rough. Anyways, even though my number of parties per year can be counted on one hand, I still have an excellent place to host them.

My man cave (and most man caves) is decked out with a beer cooler, lots of seating, a stash of emergency snacks, a projector for amazing 4K displays, and everything else I think I need to entertain guests. Everyone has something to do in there, thanks to the odds and ends that wouldn’t show up in the living room. Books, games, food, drink, pool--they can do whatever they want. Man caves aren’t a dick measuring contest, but men still take pride in showing off their true self and seeing others enjoy their cave. It really

4) Utility

Do you have a shed that’s collecting dust? Or perhaps you want your garage to have a little pizazz? An unused bedroom, basement, garage, shed, backyard space, and attic are all excellent places to construct a man cave. A room unused is a room wasted. The last major benefit of a man cave is its ability to turn unused space into a hub of activity. Odd trinkets and collections over the years also find their home here, rather than random shelves across the home. Man caves help you or your spouse make a house a home. This benefits everyone in the family, not just the man of the house!

What Makes a Man Cave?

A man cave is simply a space dedicated to the man of the house. The man takes care of decor and upkeep while the room gives him a place to relax. He can show off all his cool things without judgement, host an amazing get-together with friends, and fill up unused space. What’s not to like? Man cave psychology really makes the benefits apparent. Instead of stressing or having problems, with man caves they can relax. In the man cave, stressed out fellows go from high-strung to relaxed.

A special man cave sanctuary (or mantuary, if you will) helps deal with the stress of life. If you think we don’t deal with stress or mental issues, then you don’t truly know a man. It’s safe to say anyone benefits from this. If you’re a woman and want your own equal version, then don’t worry--check out she-sheds on Pinterests to grab some ideas. Like man caves, you can throw it in a shed or a garage or an attic...the ‘shed’ in the name is just really catchy.

Benefits of a Man Cave in Your House

If you already have a cave and it doesn’t have every single benefit mentioned, then don’t stress. Your cave still needs work, but it’s easy work when you already have the base template installed. You can browse through the rest of my site for some ideas on how to improve your special room.

The man cave is simple in concept and execution, but provides an enormous amount of benefits. When planning your man cave, think about how you can hit all these points. If you miss even one, it means you left your man cave unfinished. Well, except perhaps the ‘social accomplishment’ part. Parties and a social life are optional, but try to make the cave a presentable accomplishment nonetheless. That means expressing yourself without any inhibitions. Enjoy the full benefits of your man cave!

Man Caves with a Pool Table

Why does your man cave need a pool table? They’re an amazing way to hone your hand-eye coordination, your reflexes, and even sharpen up your math. Billiards is a sport that gives you vast benefits as time goes on and—perhaps most importantly—gives you a few tricks to show off to others. But why would you want man caves with a pool table? Why not put it in a game room or something? Well, man caves are meant as a place of relaxation.You probably learned that when you read this article.

By bringing in the pool table, you give yourself one more thing to relax with. If you ever invite friends over, it’s an excellent thing to entertain your guests. On top of that, if you have many people over and aren’t actively playing pool yourself, I find the noise of a pool table at work to be quite comfortable. Today, let’s talk about man caves with a pool table, ideas on how to decorate them, and how best to complement the pool table in your mancave. Since a pool table is technically a huge piece of furniture, you need to make huge accommodations in your man cave in order to pull it off. Let’s learn how to do that today so that you can set up your perfect cave tomorrow!

Small Pool Table Room Ideas

If you’re looking for all kinds of man cave ideas, then read this article on the topic. If you’re looking for ideas specific to small pool table man caves, then let’s get into those details. First of all, you have to acknowledge what kind of sport billiards is. It’s an old one meant to bring people together, but it’s also clean. There’s no dirt, no sweat, and it generally evokes a relaxed atmosphere when you’re playing casually. It’s less about player strength and more about player precision, mathematical ability,and raw skill.

Your man cave with a pool table should match this. The room should look clean and organized. Depending on the construction of your pool table, an elegant look or a modern look works for you. If clean and organized isn’t your thing, then focus on the social aspect of it. Make the room look small, warm, and friendly. Bars are particularly good at doing this. There’s a reason they’re all covered in signs, large images, and weird decor. Different people will focus their eyes on different things, and by making the room varied, you ensure that any guests will have something unique to look at when it’s not their turn. It keeps them from getting bored, makes the room more lively, and even serves as a talking point between players.

Pool Table Room Decorating Ideas

I talk more about pulling off an actual bar in the section below, but for now, let’s focus on decor. It’s much easier to set up a man cave with a pool table when you only need to worry about wall decorations, rather than plumbing and drink selection. First, establish the room by setting up signs that match your theme. Signs with your man cave rules, posters dedicated to the things you love, and three-dimensional objects like deer head mounts break up the monotony of a blank wall. Another way to make that wall look great is to accent it with bricks, wood, or paint on a single portion. The different texture does wonders for making the room look occupied without throwing in a thousand decorations. A painted accent wall is a particularly affordable way to make the room look occupied when decorating on a budget.

Another important aspect of decorating man caves with a pool table is the lighting of a room. Lighting drastically affects how players strategize and perform, even if it’s on a subconscious level. I find that the best lighting for this situation is to have multiple warm light sources in the room. They might be dim, but with enough of them, it gives the room a steady and welcoming atmosphere. It negates the number of shadows that affect play. On top of this, setting up some lights over the pool table further ensures that the area is nicely lit and easy to play on. The last thing you want to hear is someone complaining about how they can’t perform because of the lighting.

Next, you throw in some stuff to make the room match your overall theme. The pool table is a big part of the cave, but remember that it’s primarily a place to relax. Decorate it to suit that task! The last thing you really need to finish up a man cave with a pool table is very simple—someplace to put your beer. You can just grab a cooler, barrel, or simple fridge to do the job. Or—if you want to go the extra mile and make a true man cave—you can go even further. You can complement your pool table in the best way possible.

Small Man Cave Bar

So, what’s the best way to complement a man cave’s pool table? Quite frankly, nothing beats a small man cave bar right next to it. Even if you’re short on cash, there are plenty of ways to find DIY man cave ideas on a budget, including an article I wrote that you can read here. I recommend forging some man cave bar plans as you install the pool table itself. Both take up a lot of space, so you want to make sure you have enough for both. There’s no denying that pool tables and bars go hand-in-hand. You’ll be hard pressed to find a place with a billiards table that doesn’t also sell beer in the same room. The bar stools that you purchase for seating yourself and guests double as a place for billiards players to rest.

On top of that, even a small bar helps draw attention away from a pool table in the room. Since pool tables are so large, it’s important to balance them out with other large features or decorations so that they don’t become the focus of the room. If you completely neglect to do this and just furnish the rest of the room with the basics, you’ll end up with a man cave that looks empty. In any case, it’s never a bad idea to throw a bar into your man cave setup. You need some sort of way to store your beer, after all. What better way than to make a dedicated bar for it? Just make sure you leave the man cave every now and then for a breath of fresh air!

How to Make Man Caves with a Pool Table

Ultimately, man caves with a pool table serve as a place of meeting as well as relaxation. The first is a wonderful feature for any mancave, while the second is what constitutes the purpose of a true man cave. Even if you’re playing billiards solo, the relaxing sound of the balls clicking and rolling is enough to soothe the soul all on its own. Pool tables do take up a ton of space, so consider carefully whether you want one in your man cave or not.

If it’s going in, it will be one of your major features—only topped by an impressive entertainment system or a sweet bar. You better like playing pool a lot before you get one of those things for your man cave. Don’t get me wrong,they’re a great addition to any man cave—but in a place with limited space, you want to make sure the man cave reflects your true interests. That’s how you build a true man cave!

Where to Buy Man Cave Products

Finding man cave products is a huge hassle. Unfortunately, there isn’t one set store to find everything you need. Fans of sports need to find specialty stores, nerds need to find a local comic shop, and picking your furniture without aim requires a visit to way too many places. What can you do about it? Learn where to buy man cave products ahead of time, of course! Narrowing down the list of places to go makes your buying process that much faster. Going to the most important places first helps reduce the number of trips you need to make.

Knowing what to shop for helps, and you can figure out what sort of things you need on my post here. In the meantime, let’s talk about what to look for with man cave decor, where to buy man cave products, and how to fill in whatever ‘gaps’ you may have in your arsenal at the end of the day. The goal is to get all your shopping done in one day. You might need a truck for furniture ahead of time, but it should be doable! Let’s get started.

What to Look for with Man Cave Decor

The first thing you want to do is make a list of stuff for the cave. You can read about all the essentials on my post here, but let’s go over the basics. First, you’ll need a place to sit. Common sense, right? A couch or a recliner is perfect for the job. Next, you want a coffee table and some sort of entertainment setup (usually involving a huge TV). After that, you’ll want to think of your satellite equipment. This can include the stuff for a bar, a pool table, custom furniture, and so on. Getting these bulky items out of the way helps you understand what sort of budget you have.

You are making a budget, right? No matter how much money you have to spare, it’s wise to figure out an expected price ahead of buying. This makes shopping much simpler. Use online stores and local listings to figure out the value of the items you’re going after. Try not to purchase anything above this preset value. With any remaining budget you have, think about the necessary objects. A man cave sign helps distinguish your space as a true man cave. Posters, lamps, custom signs, and trinkets that match your theme should all go into this list. While you don’t need to completely stock the cave from the get-go, you should buy enough to at least make the walls look occupied. Otherwise, it’s little more than a living room.

Trash into Treasure

To find the first things for your man cave, you’ll want to check out the local antique stores. These stores sell all sorts of miscellanea, but you’ll be searching for the cheap and durable furniture. Modern furniture tends to be mass produced and fall apart after a while. The things you find in an antique store might have a few nicks and scratches, but they’re durable and will last for ages. If it looks like crap (which, admittedly, many of them do), you can just get them reupholstered. It’s still cheaper than purchasing new furniture and allows you to customize it to your man cave theme a tiny bit.

While browsing around for furniture and your other big pieces, take note of the weird stuff you encounter. Don’t be afraid to add stuff to your list if you see something you adore. Even if you don’t want that horrifying Singing Bass they stuck up on the wall in an antique store, maybe it reminds you of putting up a deer head mount in the cave for that classic rustic look. These odds and ends are so varied that you’re bound to get a ton of ideas while browsing.

This is only day one of shopping, so don’t feel obligated to buy anything right away. You can leave these stores without purchasing anything if you think stuff is overpriced. At the same time, if you don’t know if something fits into your budget, wait until day two of shopping. If you do this back-to-back, it’s highly doubtful that your object of affection will be sold off.

Big Stores for Man Caves

With your antique browsing out of the way, it’s time to hit the big stores. These include supermarkets that sell a crazy huge selection and home improvement stores that help you with building supplies (which is especially useful if you’ve learned how to build a shed for a man cave from my other blog post). Crafting stores aren’t out of the question, either. They can sell a variety of knickknacks that capture the heart, even if they’re not as durable as the antique stuff from old stores or the handmade stuff you find online. By looking at their standard aisles, you might even realize you’re missing something crucial in your setup.

Go through your list in order of price and see what you can scratch off. Once again, don’t buy anything if you can find it online for cheaper. Find as much as you can while you browse the aisles. You might be tempted to compromise on things—such as simple a three-cushion couch instead of that reclining leather one you saw online—but I advise against it. Furniture lasts for ages, while your love for something ‘cheaper’ won’t last quite as long. Don’t downgrade just because getting your stuff elsewhere is a hassle. If needed, take a break from shopping for a while until you get in the mood again. If you cut corners with your man cave, it will show! Be careful about that.

Mankind’s Shopping Paradise

When you’re finished shopping at all the prime locations, it’s time to fill in the holes. You’ve been crossing off the things you need as you go, right? Grab your list and hit up Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, and whatever your online store of choice is. Lately, I’ve been getting man cave gadgets from Newegg and Best Buy, but that’s neither here nor there.

Start with the priciest things on your list. This helps you figure out your remaining budget and whether or not you want to go back to a store on day two of your man cave shopping spree. A lot of times you can find the exact same products for cheaper online. It cuts out the middle man (the big box stores) who needs to cover shipping, employee wages, company taxes, stock fees, and so on for quite a number of things. Skipping that corporate stuff gets you serious savings while netting you the same product. Find as many of your ‘wish list’ items as you can online.

After that, check out your remaining budget. With your important things either budgeted or out of the way, plus a lot of your decor already accounted for, the budget is probably tiny now. You can either save up the remainder for things you forgot—because, yes, everyone forgets something on their first shopping trip—or pick up some of the smaller items on your wish list. A unique couch cover, a custom man cave rules board, and a video game console are all things that come last. They’re cheaper online and much more personalized.

Use your last bit of budget to make your man cave truly represent you as a person. Simply pick up what you missed on Day Two and then wait for the rest of your stuff! Voila, you’re finished shopping!

Final Word on Where to Buy Man Cave Products

I try to be impartial when it comes to decorating the cave—especially where money is concerned. I don’t want to come off as a salesman by any means. There are many sites and many places other than mine that can offer you ‘deals’ and ‘discounts’ on their products. My point today was not to sell a particular item, but to point you in the right direction. While I do sell a couple things on the site, finding something individual to you is much more important than supporting my little blog. It’s tough work, and even if you do like the stuff I peddle, I imagine you’ll be looking in dozens of other places!

Hopefully, this blog post made the task seem less daunting. Learning where to buy man cave products is less about finding stores and more about figuring out decor. Once you have that down, you can figure out exactly where to go. It’s not all about online sales or finding the perfectly branded man cave products. It’s about finding what’s right for you. A true man cave revolves around what makes you a man. Finding these objects is an adventure unto itself, and it will take you to places you never dreamed of. Good luck, and have fun!

Man Cave Ideas on a Budget

Looking for man cave ideas on a budget? Look no further. I completely understand why you’d need to stay in a budget. With money always getting tighter these days, we have to really make our money last. Even if you have a nice big bank account, it’s money-smart to save on your materials. What better way to keep your account balance high than to spend a little less of it than you need to? Plus, keeping stuff on a budget helps you plan for the long term. As you already read in this article, true man caves take a long time to build, and spacing out your budget helps you add to the cave. In any case, there are a million good reasons to look for man cave ideas on a budget, and here are some of the best ideas for spending less that I’ve ever seen.

How to Build a Man Cave

The best and brightest idea among the man cave ideas on a budget is…building the man cave yourself! Of course, if you have a spare basement, garage, small room, or exterior shed, then you can skip this step already. Otherwise, it’s much more efficient to build your own man cave. Contracting a job out costs money. If you want to save that cash, spend your time building instead. You also get to select your own shed plans, materials, and amenities for the room. The only thing you should absolutely contract out is plumbing installation and wiring. Both of these are damaging and dangerous when done incorrectly, so you’ll want an expert on the job. You can learn more about saving money and building your own shed on this page.

Cheap Man Cave Furniture

Want to know the cheapest way to get furniture? Go to an estate sale. You can get pretty good furniture for very cheap. Browsing an antique store, looking for deals on Amazon (some of which I list on my post here), or learning how to do your own woodworking literally cuts down on the amount of cash you spend. There is one quick and easy way to get the best deals on furniture. First, you need to learn how to reupholster furniture. Yes, that sounds like a lot, but I promise it’s a simple task. After that, you can turn almost any old thing into a piece of furniture that looks brand new and matches any theme that you desire. That’s among one of the best man cave ideas on a budget!

Other ways to quickly personalize this cheap stuff is to look for ‘parts’ of what you want. You might like the lampshade of one lamp, but the lamp stand of another—if buying both is cheaper than buying a new one that matches the theme, then go ahead and grab them! You can easily combine the two on your own time. This extends to all kinds of decorations in the man cave, even beyond furniture!

Affordable Man Cave Ideas

Do you have a specific man cave to decorate, but don’t have any man cave ideas on a budget that work for it? Here are some ideas to help you out with a man cave garage, basement, small room, or shed. Each room has its own weaknesses that you have to account for while decorating. While these ideas can be applied to all sorts of man caves, they shine best in these particular environments.

Cheap Man Cave Ideas for a Basement

A quick and easy man cave idea is to take up space with a display cabinet. Not only does it draw the eyes to it—and away from the more empty areas of the room—it helps you highlight some of the best features of your man cave. Since basement walls tend to be…bland, to put it nicely…an accent wall will go a long way. Rather than painting (which I recommend for small rooms down below), you can use heavier materials like wood and brick to give your basement some much-needed texture. Cloths also help you keep the man cave unique. You can hide ugly wiring behind it (so long as the wires are safely laid out and at no risk for fraying).

Another good way to spend less money in the long run is to hook up the air ventilation system to your man cave. Yes, it will take you more gas or electricity to heat up in the winter, but it will also keep pests out and prevent your electronics from degrading at a faster rate.

Cheap Man Cave Ideas for a Garage

Like a man cave basement, you want to hook up the ventilation system to any man cave you build in the garage. Unlike the basement, you should go the extra mile and insulate everything you can in the room. This keeps the conditioned air in and pests like snakes, centipedes, spiders, and frogs out. Oh, and scorpions, if you live in the south. Those things suck, so don’t forget this step.

One thing interesting about a man cave garage is that it serves as a unique location for greenery. You should probably put in a window or door to the outside (both for safety and for lighting), then set your plant in front of it. The temperature gradient of the room will be more natural, plus the plant will do a good job filtering harmful chemicals out of the air. If you’re a smoker, this is especially helpful. Just don’t smoke so much that you kill the plant.

Cheap Man Cave Ideas for a Shed

Bookcases and shelves add busy space to your shed, allows you to store belongs—erm, I mean display them without spending anything on new stuff—and keeps the room from looking empty. The more three-dimensional space your shed has, the better, and shelves contribute greatly to that. Since sheds have limited space, consider making rolling walls, furniture, shelves, and so on. This allows you to customize your man cave according to your current need without taking up extra space. In less than five minutes, your home movie theatre can convert to a wet bar complete with bar stools. Big stuff or stuff that needs a steady footing, such as a pool table, isn’t meant for this type of approach. However, it’s well worth considering!

Cheap Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way for your man cave to have an impact, paint an accent wall. Paint is one of the cheapest (over time) decorations you can do for any room in the house. If you take the time to build a stencil, you can make a custom wallpaper-esque design that matches the theme of your man cave perfectly.

If your room has a closet, make sure to use that space. Remove the door from the hinges or decorate it with something useful—cloth, pegboards, man cave signs, and other decor all work. Set up a workspace, entertainment zone, or something similar for the closet. Avoid using it as pure storage space as much as you can. This not only adds space to your man cave, but also adds functionality. And, as we all know, true man caves need functionality to measure up to the best of them. Read more about making the best man caves on this page.

One more big thing you can do to quickly and cheaply make a small man cave look good is to add mirrors. Mirrors give off the illusion of space in your room, along with lighting it up more. Most importantly, these cheap little pieces of glass take up design space at a minimal cost. Light is particularly useful in making a room look large. It gives your brain the impression that there is far more surface area in the room than a dimly lit room ever could. It’s mostly psychological, but it works, and wall lights are cheap.

Rustic Man Cave Ideas

Want some specific ideas for cheap man cave stuff? Well, you might want to go with one particular theme that turns cheap stuff into a room that looks amazing. Rustic man caves are so popular because they are so affordable. I go over the reasoning for this on my full Rustic Man Cave Ideas page, but for now, all you need to know is that simple stuff has a small price tag. Rustic themes, which draw directly from nature and keep things simple, take very little money to populate with decor. A simple glass jar with a pine cone in it would be considered an acceptable and even aesthetic decoration in a Rustic man cave (and, let’s be honest, would probably help keep our man smells at bay for any guests that visit).

Stuff made of straw, simple cloth, furniture with natural cotton or leather materials, and wooden flooring or walls all look spectacular in the rustic man cave. You can find decorations like this for one or two dollars at almost any crafting store. Just try to avoid the old ladies looking for their crochet materials and you’ll have no problem finding something cheap, simple, and good for your man cave budget. Other good things to throw in your rustic man cave are simple pillows, wood-framed posters, plain canvas paintings, shelves, candles, and even some non-conventional stuff like benches or exterior furnishing. Along with that, the more photos you have displayed, the better. Rustic rooms tell a story of the past, and photographs multiply that factor ten-fold…even if the pictures are just of your fishing trip from two years ago or your dream car.

More Man Cave Ideas on a Budget

Still looking for man cave ideas on a budget? Check out my article here and see if it helps you.  In the meantime, this article hopefully has you all set with good man cave ideas on a budget. Your man cave may not be glamorous in the end, but it’s not about glamour. It’s about utility and making your own little sanctuary. If you can manage that, then you’ve managed to make a true man cave on a budget. Good luck out there!

Man Cave and Chill

Yes, you can use man cave like a verb, just like Netflix. You can also use it as an excuse to ‘chill’ with someone else. As you already know from reading this article, a true man cave is somewhere you can relax all on your own. However sometimes man caves are about more than accommodating your needs. Well, that’s not quite right—sometimes it’s about more than accommodating your solitary needs. As anyone with a good entertainment setup knows, there are some huge benefits to designing the room around the needs of others. You come first, but that doesn’t mean you need to forget about others entirely. Where am I getting with this? Well, here’s the thing. If you want to man cave and chill, you need to set up the room just right. Let’s talk about how.

Making the Dream a Reality

In case you don’t know about the meme, ‘Netflix and chill’ is a term for casually inviting someone over for an intimate evening. When I say ‘man cave and chill,’ I’m talking about how to use your man cave to make that happen for you. No Netflix required, but a sweet surround sound theater with a huge selection certainly doesn’t hurt. I’m not here to give you love advice or anything. All I’m going to go over is how you can setup a room to attract others and how you can use the room to set the mood when you do have a potential lover under the same roof. For decor as a whole, you'll want to read my tutorial on decorating your man cave.

Catering to a Lover

Like I said before, I’m not going to give you love advice or anything. Depending on who you chase, there is just way too much variety between people to give blanket advice like that. Either invite someone who you’re nearly intimate with or invite someone looking for casual fun. The way you set up the man cave makes the invite even more tempting. Getting them to consider going home with you is a big step in earning their trust, after all.

The term ‘Netflix and chill’ isn’t exactly a coincidence. Inviting someone over to see a movie is a great excuse to bring them home. It’s also much more subtle than asking if they want to have a fun time. Get a good entertainment system set up. Put together a functional ‘theater mode’ for your man cave. Even on your own, it’s fun to switch the mood of your favorite place with the flick of a switch. If you need to know how to spruce up your man cave quickly, look no further than this article.

Before they get to your place, you need to meet several secret expectations so they don’t immediately walk out the door or end up with a ‘family emergency.’ First, make the room smell nice. It should not smell like funk. Wash your sheets and pillow cases a day before a visit—and, barring the ability to plan ahead, at least once per week. Your home should be as clean as it smells. Make sure soap is available in the bathroom along with a lidded trashcan. Plants and greenery is a sign that you have some sense of responsibility. All of your posters and pictures should be properly framed so that you don’t look like a college student.

Courtship in the Cavern

At the same time, you need to temper your own expectations. The first rule of any relationship—casual or not—is to respect the other person’s desires. Maybe they did just come over to check out the pool table and had no intentions on making anything else happen. In that case, just let it go. There are more people out there, and they certainly don’t owe you anything for visiting.

Use low, warm lighting to make the room feel comfortable. Have a huge variety of drinks and snacks available. It’s very important that none of the drinks are opened before your guest gets there. While it’s a bit manipulative, go ahead and turn the AC down to freezing. That’s one way to get someone in the mood to cuddle. If the mood does start getting intense, consider taking it out of the cave and into a bedroom.

Why Man Cave and Chill?

If these tips came off as shallow to you, that’s because they are. Intimacy is something that takes more than an ideal man cave setup to pull off. You need charisma, a character that meshes well with theirs, and a bit of stuff in common before you can become intimate with anyone. However, if you’re on the playing field just for casual encounters, then man cave and chill is an excellent plan to go with. Invite someone over to enjoy all the great amenities you set up and then finish it off with a ‘chill’ time. It’s unconventional, but still a possible use for a true man cave.

Rustic Man Cave Ideas

A rustic man cave covers far more types of decor than its name would imply. The definition of rustic changes depending on the man, and many times, they can even have conflicting definitions! Rather than argue about who is right, I go over what I consider to be the two types of rustic man cave ideas on this article. Both types of rustic man caves look spectacular in the end and are more than capable of defining a true man cave. Want more tips on making the best man cave? Check here.

The first—and more popular type—involves using wood and classic furniture styles to illicit an old country feel. If it has modern stuff, their importance is toned down. The second type focuses more on rustic color schemes. The stonework and woodwork are still there, but modern furniture is permitted as long as it follows a rustic color palette. No matter what you think a rustic man cave is, let’s talk about rustic man cave ideas that will work perfectly just for you!

What is a Rustic Man Cave?

Let’s take a closer inspection at what makes a rustic man cave a true man cave. The main purpose of rustic design is to give off a simple feel. Rather than the empty feel that minimalism gives off, this theme lavishes in color and decoration more than utility. Some rustic man caves take inspiration from nature, while others try to imitate the classic lifestyle of people living alongside nature. Either way, the result is a very warm and cozy man cave. It’s the ideal theme if you want to make the man cave a place to relax and don’t want to pay tribute to some sort of fandom. The easiest way to achieve a rustic man cave is just to build a rustic shed and decorate from there. I talk about an easy and affordable way you can do that on this page.

Rustic Man Cave Room Ideas

Wooden walls, ceilings, and floors are the go-to idea for rustic man caves. Because of this, I put a dedicated section for wood walls later on in the article. For other types of decor, try getting a fireplace into the room. Follow as many fire safety precautions as you can while you do this. The fireplace both looks great and helps regulate room temperature (which, let’s be honest, is lacking in the average man cave location).

As far as colors go, do your best to make things look muted. There should be minimal—if any—artificial coloring in your decorations. And, yes, that means you won’t be using too much plastic in your man cave either! Your furniture should also use natural materials like cotton cloth or real leather. It has less to do with being a hipster and more to do with connecting to nature via this rustic theme. These natural materials are simple, yet bold, and will always match a rustic color theme.

All rustic man cave decor in general should have as little ‘treatment’ or ‘post-processing’ as possible. It should look like a craftsman made it by hand—something impossible with store-bought furniture. Your best bet for fleshing out your rustic man cave ideas is to browse antique stores. Classic furniture is incredibly durable, so you’re likely to find something good wherever you choose to browse.

Rustic Man Cave Decor

As you look around for the perfect rustic man cave decor, take careful note of any kind of woven stuff. Sticks and straw are the perfect complement to a nature-themed man cave. On top of that, these decorations are very cost-efficient. You’ll be spending more on animal-derived products. Speaking of, consider adding in some animal pelts or antlers. Even if you dislike hunting, deer and moose shed their antlers with the season, so you can display a set guilt-free.

And, speaking of display, how you display things matters a lot when you think of rustic man cave ideas. Leave strips of vertical space clear and focus on decorating platforms rather than walls. Your wall decor should focus on utility and a few posters here and there. Photographs and paintings work best for display, though you might want to substitute for something closer to your heart in a man cave.

More than anything, think about the textures that you’re putting into your room. Rather than smooth black out curtains, grab something that feels thick and rough. Natural wood is always a plus, and you can incorporate that into your poster frames, desks, night stands, and so on. When you use metal, look for untreated stuff or find something with a grate-like texture. You can always scrape off a bit of rust if it becomes an issue. If you want more details on decorating a man cave, read my article here.

Man Cave with Wood Walls and Flooring

When we talk about rustic man caves, we’re also talking about man caves with wooden walls. No matter your style, wood and rustic rooms go hand in hand. There are several ways to go about decorating your walls with wood. I find that the easiest is to simply apply wood boards across the walls. If the wood has no paint or markings on it, then it will work fine for a wall. Remove any protruding nails, sand it smooth, and then make sure everything is properly secured. BAM. You now have an amazing wooden wall.

There are a few more unique, complex styles of wooden walls out there. I’m going to skip tiled walls or walls that deal in protruding wood, as that’s more of a modern style and doesn’t go with the rustic theme we want. Rather, one unique way to create a wooden wall is to use cross sections of wood (with the tree rings showing) and using them as if they were boards. They truly bring nature into the room, and it looks unique, to boot.

When designing your wooden walls, consider restricting them to just sections of the room or a single wall. This accents the room and breaks up the monotony. It gives you way more decoration possibilities, since you can match both a plain and a wood aesthetic depending on where you place designs. It also makes the room look very thought-out and professional. It’s a simple trick, it takes fewer supplies than boarding the whole room, and it makes the man cave look amazing. There’s nothing to lose in trying this. The wood itself should not be painted and you don’t need to treat them either. For the blank walls, if you choose to leave some, I suggest painting them white or eggshell white. It makes the room look crisp.

The Best Rustic Man Cave Ideas

Whether you want to bring nature into your man cave or simply spruce it up with a good barn aesthetic, the man cave is an excellent place to flex your decorating abilities. Use these rustic man cave ideas to the fullest so that you can create a room worth remembering—or, at least, one worth using. A true man cave never relies on the impressions of others, after all. It’s all about accommodating your own needs. Rustic man cave ideas help bring nature to the true man cave of someone who enjoys the simple things in life. As time seems to speed faster and faster with the social media frenzy, relaxing in a rustic man cave helps you set your own pace in life. If that’s not what a man cave is for, I don’t know what is.

What is Man Cave Stuff?

Looking for ideas on man cave stuff? Or maybe you’ve been wondering out loud, ‘What is man cave stuff, anyways?’ In either case, this post has you covered. Locating, identifying, and securing man cave stuff varies in difficulty. It all depends on the theme of your man cave and personal standards. Man cave stuff defines that theme, brings the room together, and gives your room functionality. If you're looking for gifts, this information is just as crucial...though I go over what you need to know in more detail on this page!

Some themes (such as rustic man caves) are easier to shop for than others. On top of that, you may not have a bottomless wallet to spend on your man cave stuff. I not only cover what sort of man cave stuff you want to put in your cave, but also how to decorate your mancave in an affordable manner. Let’s begin!

Cool Things to Have in a Man Cave

The first thing you want to put in your man cave is comfortable seating. No matter what sort of stuff you’re into, you’ll want at least one good place to sit in the cave. Next, when choosing your man cave stuff, try future-proofing your cave. This means getting the latest and greatest 4K HD television. Yes, it’s a lot of money up front, but you won’t have to get another TV again until it breaks or (in a decade at least) it becomes obsolete. To go with the excellent TV, throw in a good sound system and maybe a few game consoles. A dart board and pool table round out your entertainment essentials.

Of course, as far as big man cave stuff, you’ll want to throw in a little more than stuff to do. You need stuff to drink and perhaps a bit to eat. Grab a fridge, wine cooler, and consider constructing a wet bar for yourself. It saves you trips to the kitchen and makes your man cave an excellent place to hang out. Just make sure not to abuse the convenience of your new bar too much.

Ultimate Man Cave Accessories

The best things to have in a man cave are fully functional decorations. They should do more than accent the theme or show off your aesthetic. For example, if you get a bottle opener, look for something similar to your theme. Switch out your lampshades for something more fitting. Look for table stands that have a good material or color befitting the room. This type of man cave stuff really pulls the man cave together and gives it much more functionality, even though the differences are tiny. More functionality means that you can use your man cave to its fullest. Want to know more about finding accessibility in objects? Check out some ideas that I cooked up for you on this page.

Part of building the ultimate man cave is grabbing the ultimate man cave accessories. On top of fixing up essential tools, look for things that add extra features to your man cave. In example, adding a themed coat rack to the room gives it a little function and adds to the space in a minimal way. As another example, you could hook up a custom switch system that ‘activates’ certain lighting setups with the flick of a switch. It’s very impressive to guests to go from a brightly lit room to a movie mode with floor lights in an instant. But now, with that, we’re treading a little into cool gadget territory…

Cool Gadgets for a Man Cave

Your remote control is a surprising gadget that can seriously contribute to your QOL. Consider getting a fancy one to put among your man cave stuff. Use a Roku 2 to add even more functionality to your TV, giving you some exclusive content and apps just for living room use. Frequently overlooked, but absolutely essential, the wifi router needs to be close to your man cave or inside it. You can also throw in a wifi-extender, if that’s not possible. Lastly, an Amazon Echo or similar AI interactive device helps you automate much of your busy work while in the cave. If you think of something while relaxing, you can just give a shout to leave a note. And—perhaps most importantly—it helps you settle alcohol-fueled fights over whether a trout or a salmon is bigger. (Hint: they’re practically the same fish.)

Saving Money on Man Cave Stuff

Before you work on saving money, work on figuring out your budget. If you only have $1000 to spare on this room, then there’s no way you’re throwing in a 4K television. Do not take out loans just to make a room look nice. Once you know your available funds, work on the entrance of the room. It should have a coat rack and an immediate indication that this is man territory. A man cave sign works best for this, but weird accessories or different flooring work just as well. Find these accessories by perusing thrift stores and places like Goodwill. Another small way to make a big difference without spending money is to paint an accent wall. You need fewer decorations when eyes are drawn to one part of the room (your brightly colored wall).


For the furniture and large items, you want to go to an antique store or pawn shop. Focus on durable furniture, rather than what you would find from a supermarket or mass-produced furniture store. Wooden stuff lasts forever and can be easily repaired, so go for that. Metal stuff lasts even longer, though you will be hard-pressed to find a quality piece that doesn’t break your bank. Look up tutorials on upholstery to customize this furniture to suit your needs. It will look brand new and match your man cave perfectly by the time you’re done with it! Want to know more about selecting furniture? Check out this post I wrote on Man Cave Furniture!

The Small Stuff

When you’re gathering little stuff, try to repurpose what you already have. Metal decor tends to be very versatile, good books can be thrown in for accents, and trinkets can really highlight a theme (assuming they match the theme of your man cave, of course). Among man cave stuff, small items are the ones that get cycled out the most. Focus less on finding the perfect stuff for your room and focus on filling in the blanks with what you can. As time goes on, you slowly replace these objects with the stuff of a true man cave…without breaking the bank.

Large Electronics and Fridges

Lastly, for stuff like a fridge, you want to peruse Amazon or eBay and buy something used from someone personally. I just don’t trust electrical equipment bought from second hand stores. It’s much easier to hold individuals on eBay and Amazon accountable if they sell you failing equipment. If you ever run into trouble, both sites have amazing customer support to make sure you’re not scammed out of your hard-earned cash. Simply test the product as thoroughly as possible once it enters your home.

So, What is Man Cave Stuff?

Man cave stuff is anything that adds to your man cave. It occupies all the space in your mantuary, defines the theme, gives people inside the room things to look at, and helps you with day-to-day life. You don’t need to cram the room with as much stuff as you can. Vary up the size and shape of your stuff, and you can easily make the room look occupied without going all-out. Still want to know what is man cave stuff? Simply take a look on the inside. No, not your actual man cave. Inside yourself. Man cave stuff represents what you like as a person. It reflects who you are and the things you prioritize. If you want something for the man cave, then it belongs among your man cave stuff. It’s as simple as that. Just…don’t clutter up the room too much.

Making a Man Cave with a Hot Tub

A hot tub is an amazing amenity to have in a home, regardless of whether it’s outside or nestled somewhere under a roof. Making a man cave with a hot tub makes sense for that reason. It helps you relax and socialize—what’s not to like? Today, I want to discuss how to set up your own man cave with a hot tub, fix up the room so that the humidity doesn’t mess with your cave, balance it with the other decor in your man cave, and find a hot tub in the first place.

As you already know from reading this page, finding something that suits your man cave perfectly is not an easy task. If you think a hot tub will work, then you should pursue it. It’s not a quest for a beginner or someone low on cash, but it’s an amazing feature to have around and especially useful for men with long and laborious work days. Let’s begin!

Setting Up the Room for a Hot Tub

In order to set up a man cave with a hot tub, you’ll need to make sure it has enough accommodations to make it happen. Most hot tub models don’t need a source of running water, but having one nearby that you can use to fill it is sort of crucial. This is the main part where people mess up in setting up their interior hot tubs. Before you move in the man cave, check the size that will fit in it. Leave a lot of space empty or move some furniture out so that the hot tub can be safely installed. By putting the hot tub in before you do anything major to the cave, you have a much better time decorating the rest of the man cave.

Once your hot tub is in, make a setup that helps drain spilled water and prevents slipping. Carpet will rot if you use it, while wood is asking for trouble. Matte tile works well, though it’s not fool proof. I find that putting in some cloth liner meant specifically for preventing slips makes the whole area much safer. The other big thing to making the man cave (and the rest of the house) prepared for a hot tub is to fix air circulation. You absolutely need a dehumidifier and an air filter so that a humid, warm, chlorine-filled wave of air doesn’t hit the rest of the house when you use your hot tub.

On top of that, excessive steam could damage the other things in your man cave. Install a fan that quickly moves that humidity outside of the home. Using dry wall built for humid areas, cement, brick, glass, or cedar as wall material makes the walls durable all by themselves.

Indoor Hot Tub Room Ideas

Now that you have your hot tub all set up, it’s time to start thinking about the rest of the room. You can read all about man cave decor here, but accounting for a hot tub in the room requires a bit more thought. First of all, you want to make it as discrete as possible. A hot tub is never the main feature of a man cave. Your cover should be simple—perhaps even elegant—and match the color scheme of the rest of the room. If you have tile steps leading up to the hot tub, leave lots of room open in the cave so that this pathway meshes nicely with the other floor space.

To further tone down the hot tub, you’ll want to get some even bigger attractions. For example, a huge TV setup complete with video games and the most comfortable couch in existence will be a big distraction to the hot tub. A bar works even better, since it’s an even bigger feature than a hot tub. It’s the first thing you’ll want to mess with after a long day, even if you were looking forward to a dip in the hot tub.

Why Should You Make the Hot Tub Low-Key?

Why go through all the trouble of toning down the hot tub’s presence? Frankly, the room is still a man cave at heart. A true man cave is more than a sauna. It provides more than one method of relaxation. A hot tub fits right in as a soothing activity, but it should be one of many. If you want a room that focuses on a hot tub, just build a bathroom with a Jacuzzi or something. A sauna or exterior hot tub will do the trick as well. Your hot tub is an accessory of the man cave, not its focus, and you’ll need to make sure it looks the part. This is both so that guests know you don’t spend hours in there getting pruny in the hot tub and to tell them that there are still many other things to do.

While you do need to make a ton of accommodations for a hot tub to fit in the man cave—and while those accommodations might take up most of your building efforts—it’s kind of important that it plays a minor role in the room as a whole. You can brag about all the work it took to build as a bit of trivia when you entertain others in your man cave.

Finding Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are a bit expensive, to put it mildly. However, if you’re constructing a man cave in the first place, then you should have money to spare. Budgeting is a crucial part of constructing a stress-free man cave. If you need some advice to do that, read my article on the matter here. If you’re ready to make the purchase, then only seek out the best company to install it. Check the reviews on websites everywhere you can find. The three and four star reviews are the most accurate, I tend to find. If they don’t have a website, I wouldn’t really trust them.

By hiring the best-of-the-best, you’re spending a bit more than you need to. However, you save money in the long run by preventing hot tub leaks and having a few people you can call on—at least in the first few months—if you have any trouble with the tub. Professionals also have no trouble constructing hot tubs in strange places, including man caves.

Maintaining a Man Cave with a Hot Tub

As with anything involving water, proper maintenance is essential to keeping it around. If you don’t take care of your hot tub, treat the water, or drain it when not in use, it will become a moldy mess that makes the entire house reek of soggy garbage. Cleaning a hot tub that was left to mold also takes a huge amount of work. It’s not just the mold on the outside that you need to clean—the mold on the inside stays there forever and occasionally spits out of the jets when you turn it on after a while. That’s no bueno when you have guests over.

Ultimately, you only want to add in the hot tub if it has a good purpose. It should be more than an aesthetic feature of your man cave. It needs to be a place to relax, to soothe your aching body, or a place to socialize. Of course, I’m sure you can figure out other ways to use the hot tub. What matters is that you do find a reason to have a man cave with a hot tub. A true man cave finds purpose from everything inside of it, and a hot tub is no exception. Abide by that rule, and your man cave is sure to shine!

How to Make a Man Cave

A man cave is a type of sanctuary. It’s a den you can hang out and relax in without worrying about the outside world—at least for a little bit. It’s absolutely essential for every man to have a true man cave. However, not everyone has enough skills to build stuff on their own or the decorative talent to live up to the ideas in their head. On top of that, man caves cost a ton of money if you’re not careful about how you spend your cash. That’s where this page comes in. Even if you’re not the type of person to do big projects like this, this little guide should help you learn how to make a true man cave all on your own. I also go over how to make a man cave on a budget. No matter what sort of space you have, let’s learn how to use it today!

Man Cave Ideas

The first step to learning how to make a man cave is to learn how to find a man cave idea. For some people, ideas seem to flow out of their brain constantly. These people are few and far between. Unless you’re one of those miracle people, here are some quick man cave ideas and guidelines for designing a man cave ahead of time. First of all, think about your budget. If you have less than $1,000, you’ll definitely want to go with a rustic man cave. Decorations for these are cheap, plentiful, and look spectacular. If you have a more moderate amount, you can go ahead and make a game room. If you have lots to spend, throw in a fully functional wet bar and give it a classic style.

Another popular type of man cave involves fandoms. If you enjoy Star Wars (who doesn’t?), the Green Bay Packers, or Game of Thrones, you can find memorabilia and decorations that match that theme. Some of this specialty stuff can cost a pretty penny, which means it’s best to go to specialty stores to find stuff. Nerdy comic stores probably have Star Wars merchandise lying around, bookstores might have a couple cheap things for Game of Thrones, and your local supermart will have a variety of team colors when the sport’s in season. Other than those, Amazon is a good place for finding obscure stuff to match that fandom idea of yours.

If you’re still having trouble with ideas, look through home improvement magazines, browse the net for inspiration, or read my full discussion on finding or making your own man cave themes. A man cave theme is important in the long run and difficult to change once you’ve started purchasing the essentials. Take as much time as you need to think about what man cave idea you want to pursue.

How to Build a Man Cave in the Backyard

If you want to know how to build a man cave shed, I’ve talked about it extensively already. However, it always helps to review the basics, and the basics in this case involve man cave building plans. Shed plans are an excellent place to start when you want to learn how to build a man cave in the backyard. You’ll want a simple shed, likely with just one spacious room. If you plan on spending a lot of time in this man cave or entertaining a lot of people, consider contracting a professional plumber and making a proper restroom. There’s one other big perk to having pipes installed—the ability to craft your own wet bar. A true man cave could always use a bar in the room.

It’s true that building a man cave shed in the backyard is more expensive than just decorating a garage, spare room, or basement, but it can be managed. Simply find local places to buy your wood (rather than the big home improvement stores).  Keep your construction simple, but secure. Find yourself some affordable and reliable tools. Do as much work as you can by yourself.

Why Build a Man Cave Shed?

There’s a huge advantage to building a backyard man cave that goes beyond just raising your property value. It separates the rest of the house from your man cave, which really emphasizes that it’s a different type of abode. It’s a sanctuary where men go to get away from their home life, even for a little bit. It’s not about escapism, but about having something personal and private. Basements, garages, and spare rooms do feel individual in their own right…but not to the extent of a man cave shed.

Building a Man Cave in the Basement

If a shed isn’t an option for you, you can always build one closer to home. That is to say…inside your home. A basement man cave is the next-best thing to a man cave shed. It’s separated from the home by an insurmountable barrier for the lazy—the stairs. Basements are generally unfinished and that gives you lots of room to work with as you build the man cave. There’s plenty of space to add piping and wiring for a wet bar and electronic setup. Oh, and yes, you’ll need some extra wiring down there. I’ve never encountered a basement with sufficient power for a man cave setup. If you don’t want to set up some extra electrical power, you need to grab some extension cords and pray that nothing sparks down there.

Speaking of safety, make sure there are two entrances and exits to the man cave. The stairs are one, while a little window or door to the yard can serve as a second. This is mostly for fire safety, but it also lets in natural lighting if you choose to go the window route. Make sure the window is big enough for you to fit through, of course.

How to Make a Man Cave in a Small Room

Small rooms have to focus entirely on vertical space. In order to make your man cave look roomy and comfortable, you want to keep those vertical decorations thin and add in some extra lighting. Giving the room as much floor space as possible is also a must, since that’s the biggest contributing factor to making a room look…well, roomy. I talk about setting using vertical decor to get the most out of your small room man cave on this post, so feel free to peruse it if you want the full details on how to make a man cave in a small room.

How to Build a Man Cave on a Budget

Cheap man cave stuff doesn’t grow on trees…but it might as well! I talk more about how to save on cash while making your man cave in my post here, but I’ll go over a bit of it now. The major factor in building a man cave on a budget is to have a budget in the first place. I’ve seen too many dudes buy ‘cheap’ stuff without thinking, having it all add up to be over their budget, and then still have a bunch of essentials missing. No, you’ll need to have everything in writing before you begin stuff.

Figure out your essential furniture (a recliner, TV, and coffee table to start with) and then think about your crucial functions (for me, I use the man cave as a home for my game consoles). Grab your stuff from antique stores, thrift shops, places like Goodwill, and so on. Scour Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon for the best deals (I even go over a few on this site). Once your essentials are down, look for a feature to define the cave as yours and yours alone. Signs work great for this, and it’s easy enough to get one customized.

With those essentials out of the way, you can begin looking for stuff to fill the emptiness of your cave. Posters are the real MVPs of a man cave. Accent walls where you paint a single section of the room help that area look occupied without spending a fortune. Where possible, purchase stuff with a function. Don’t worry about filling up your man cave on the first go. A true man cave takes time to build.

Now That You Know How to Make a Man Cave

It didn’t take long to learn how to make a man cave, now did it? It’s surprisingly simple, even for people on a budget. The tricky part is finding inspiration and a theme to stick with. Actual construction is a breeze once you know how much to spend and where to spend it. Man caves are a precious part of the household—whether or not they’re actually attached to your house. They give you a place where you can always get some peace and quiet on your own. They also serve as an excellent place to entertain guests. Every man really needs to know how to make a man cave. Now that you know, put this knowledge to good use and make your true man cave already!

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