13 Things About Man Caves You May Not Have Known

February 23, 2018
Robert Manziel

13 Things About Man Caves You May Not Have Known

I already talked about the myths of man caves, but today I want to focus more on some trivia. By reading the rest of the posts on this site, you should know all about man caves and what goes into them. But did you know that some man caves differ dramatically from the images, themes, and concepts that I already went over? These 13 things about man caves you may not have known help you develop your own cave into something unique that represents yourself—without imitating others! If you have trouble giving your man cave personality, perhaps these bits of trivia will guide you to the right path. Let’s get started on our journey!

13 Things About Man Caves You May Not Have Known 4

1) They Don’t Need to Be Manly

The stereotypical man cave is covered in football paraphernalia, taxidermied animals, signs about drinking, and American flags. Undoubtedly, all these things represent manliness on one level or another. However, your man cave does not have to radiate manliness in order to be a good man cave. The only thing it needs is a man to call its own and give sanctuary to.

2) They Don’t Need to Be Underground

Lots of people only imagine basements as the home for their man cave. It sits underground, just like an actual cave, and it is separated from the rest of the house by a whole level. While the separation bit helps a ton with establishing a special man space, in actuality, you can convert almost any room into a man cave. Attics, sheds, guest rooms, and even rented studios all make for great man caves. I even wrote about converting sheds into man caves, so that helps give you some ideas on where to build. Don’t let whether or not you have a basement affect whether or not you build a man cave!

3) They Provide a Mantuary for Everyone in the House

Most people think of them as sanctuaries for men alone, but in actuality, they provide a service for everyone in the house! By keeping the man of the house relaxed, it helps the rest of the house feel chill. On top of that, it helps specialize every other room in the house by taking out the miscellaneous aspects of the man cave and unifying them in one room…as opposed to scattered throughout the house!

4) Man Caves Keep the House Clean

Speaking of its effects on the rest of the house, a man cave actually keeps the rest of the house clean. A lot of clutter like hunting gear, workshop tools, random print outs, and weird lamps combine within the sanctuary of a man cave. In other words, the rest of the house looks more normal than before. It also minimizes the amount of mess a man makes in other rooms, simply due to how he uses his time. Of course, the man cave can only be cleaned by the man, so that’s a lot less mess that the rest of the family deals with.

13 Things About Man Caves You May Not Have Known 4

5) Man Caves can Double as Workshops

Separating work and play is a must for all men, but sometimes work and play go hand-in-hand. When men enjoy hobbies generally considered ‘work,’ such as smithing, carpentry, tinkering with cars, painting, and other sorts of crafts, then putting them into their man cave is at the top of their priority list. Naturally, garages, basements, and attics work best for these messy crafts. A large library or specialized desk also fit into a man cave well. It’s all about comfort and relaxation, and sometimes that means adding in a little dose of work!

6) Man Caves have more Themes than Games and Nerds

Everyone jumps to the idea that man caves center around football, soccer, baseball, Star Wars, video games, TV shows, and so on. In reality, a lot of us prefer other things in our caves! My own cave has a steampunk theme, and a lot of other men stick to a rustic man cave that just offers a bit of classic relaxation. Finding your own theme is part of the fun of building a man cave.

7) Entertainment Systems are Optional

Similar to skipping on the nerdy themes, skipping out on the entertainment system helps some men relax. Constant access to news, reality TV, stressful multiplayer games, or even the internet poses a mental health risk if you’re already stressed most of the time. This is why some men choose to leave the outside world, well, outside! That stuff can stay in the living room.

13 Things About Man Caves You May Not Have Known 4

8) They Are Perfect Hangouts

Instead of sequestering yourself in your man cave all alone, think about inviting friends over. All the amenities make great entertainment for guests. Plus, during your man cave designing, you can even incorporate social elements. A simple but tasteful bar, small bathroom, a food area, and several video or board games help your friends feel welcome. The special rules of your man cave still apply, of course, but sometimes that proves to be great for your friends!

9) Man Cave Designers Exist

Are you or someone you know struggling to figure out the design of their man cave? Stop worrying about it! Lots of interior designers out there specialize in man caves. Some even have pre-built man caves that they rent out or sell! Simply look for man cave sheds in your areas. Of course, building your own shed works way better than hiring someone to do it, but asking a designer for help never hurts during your initial planning or the decor phase. Simply put, not every man has a knack for interior design, and that’s quite alright—as long as you’re good at something!

10) They Have Rules

While it seems like man caves give men free reign, lots of us choose to institute special rules for our special rooms. In example: No women, no children, no drama, beer is the only drink allowed, only cheer for such-and-such team, vegans banned, and so on. Keeping drama out and encouraging healthy drinking and conversation adds to the friendly atmosphere. Naturally, talking about ‘TMI’ things poses no risk in a man cave. Feel free to chat about your biggest shit, because the rules say all talk is allowed if it’s not drama!

11) They Can Be Beautiful

While you  don’t normally think of man caves as glamorous, some of them still look sleek and amazing. When you steer away from the stereotypical themes and coordinate your theme and furniture, then your man cave can turn downright beautiful! With the help of a designer, the chances increase dramatically. The function of a man cave is more important than its appearance, but looking great never hurts. It also feels better to show it off when it’s a marvel of architecture and design. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful man cave?

12) Female Versions Exist

They’re called she-sheds or just she sheds. If your wife won’t give in and let you have a cave, considering using the promise of a she-shed to barter with her. If you build your cave, then you help her build her she-shed! She-sheds generally focus more on incorporating gardening, bright lighting, and living creatures than man caves. Other than that, they’re pretty interchangeable.

13 Things About Man Caves You May Not Have Known 4

13) They Reflect Your Inner Self

More than anything else, man caves reflect your inner self. When you set up your man cave, you think about your wants and needs and incorporate that into the room. It follows that the room shows everyone what you value most in life. If you like to keep those things private, then you may want to make the cave exclusive to you and put some KEEP OUT signs up. However, I highly recommend letting others see the inner workings of your man cave. It helps them understand you better, and also helps you to understand yourself!

What to Do with These 13 Things About Man Caves You May Not Have Known

Now that I’ve told you these 13 things about man caves you may not have known, you should come to see man caves in a totally different light. They’re not just some room where you spend your time alone watching football games and drinking. They provide an awesome social atmosphere, place of rest and relaxation, and even helps improve the rest of the house. Whether you build your own man cave shed or set one up in the basement, think about these things and see if you want your man cave to stand out with any of these traits. Remember—your man cave, your rules. Ignore the norm and go with your gut!

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